Amazon Merchant Flatform – Refund of Frozen Amount

Reported By: Ramya

Contact information:
Amazon Merchant Flatform Mangalore

I got a message from Amazon Merchant Flat form on 4th November 2022 from a girl called Krystal told she will provide me a part time job where I can earn 500- 50000.. I am a house wife and was looking for some work from home jobs so I thought interesting..I asked her about the proceedure she sent me a link and told me to register by depositing Rs.200/- she is going to give me a bonus of 100/- as she said when I check my app link there was a deposit of 300.. she told me to check the Task center there I have to order for an item which costs 300/- which she refund me later with commission of 30 Rs ie:330/-. Initially everything was going good and I was also recieving my refunds with commission without any hurdles.. they used to give me the task which is costlier than the previous one.. at one point I got a task worth Rs.3500/- which exceeds my limit I told that I can not take this task because I don’t have so much of money with me..she told do something and arrange for money don’t miss the chance you are going to get 100% commission..means if I order that 3500/- worth item she will refund me 7000/-. So I told her I have to borrow money from someone else so plz don’t put me in trouble you are giving my money for sure. After her confirmation and fake promises I forwarded the money to the UPi ID provided by her. But when I was about to transfer that money to my bank account, app insisted me to take one more task worth some where around Rs.20000 odd..I told I can’t do this you just give money back..she told you take this task I’ll refund all two task’s money together..again fake promises.. to get my money back i had to take the bigger amount tasks as her Instructions and fake promises I took even the last task worth Rs.59900/- and she told this time for sure I’ll get my money back with commission I spent around 95000 odd and with commission according to their statement I used to get Rs.200000/- odd. This same amount even reflected in my app account..I even tried to transfer that amount immediately to my bank but this time she played a new game saying I have to pay Handling charges of Rs. 50000/- to release my bank and she told that money is with bank they are asking for handling charges to release my payment..and if I ask the bank UPi to transfer the money she will not give me the bank UPi instead she gives someone else UPi when I asked her the same thing she is telling that it gets processed from their company so they can not give banks UPi. I’m really in need of money..this amazon merchant flatform simply played with me..I blindly trusted them but they are not giving my money back. I’ve already took money from my Freind to clear their task..and spending 50000 again is a great impossible thing for me. I even told her to ask the banker to deduct the amount and release the balance amount from my Account she is not ready for that also..she also told me that if I fail to take refund from the bank they will send that money to charity. Do they have to take my money to give it to charity..I told if you want to donate that money kindly donate it to me only..I have a bad need of money..I don’t go to work I’m a house wife. I here by request who so ever concerned to help me to release my money from this Amazon Merchant Flatform..I don’t even want any commission I just want which I spent on this flatfrom..I hope this complaint will considered on a priority basis.

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