Amazon Philippines Task Flatform – I want to refund my money

Reported By: Anna Marie Aquino

Contact information:
Amazon Philippines Task Flatform Metro Manila

I joined company Amazon Philippines Task Flatform hoping that I can have a job that will provide my family’s need, they send me the link where I can register to start. A certain Ms. Mary Ellen Marquez told me that I have to make a top up of 100 for the VIP 1 amd when I m done they made me top up again of 500.00 for the VIP 2, amd I can withdraw the amount of 900.00 but no withdrawal was done. They want me to top up again for a certain item so that i can withdraw, and so on. Last August 12 she said that I have to make a top up of 9000. tp withdraw a total of 27000, so i didake it hoping that i can get a withdrawal
After i finish that Mary Ellen Marquez told me that I cannot get the money, i have to make a top up again in the amount of 27000, if i completed that I can get my money. And with this it came to my mind that its a never ending process. They wont let you withdraw your money. I ask her that I want my money back and told her that i dont need the commission just give me back my money, a total of 15,300.00. I want to earn money to support my family and this happened. Give me back my money. She keep on telling me that i have to finish the task to get my money and to get a higher commssion. I told her that Im not going to finish the task because I dont have money anymore, and I dont have resources. She told me to borrow money to my friends and relatives so that I can finish the task. Wow! Lending money is so hard nowadays. This is a scam. I want to refund my money, give me back my P15300.00. I tired calling her on what’s App 09167546334 but I cant reach her. And I also talk to the customer service but no response. Please help me get back my money.

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