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Amazon Philippine Task Platform Manila

Date: 12/07/2022
I joined the platform to earn extra money by putting almost 50,000.00 pesos, im talking to an agent named ELIZABETH, and taught me how to do it, she told me to register in amazon platform and told me step by step on how to do it, i need to grab the order on the platform and submit it and i will earn commission, as i’v been completing the orders the money that i sent to BPAY, INC. should be higher than the amt. of orders, so i need to send more money to BPAY INC. through GCash, now that i dont have enough money to give in they froze my money, they want to send me again 50,000.00 to complete the task, i dont have anymore money as i borrowed from my family already and put out all my savings. Is it possible to have a refund? Please help me. Thank so much

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* Go to page
* Write Amazon Philippines Task Platform in company name section and write your complaint in detail
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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Amazon Philippines Task Platform.

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  1. Hi,
    Date: 12/11/2022
    I joined the platform to earn extra income to help my family because we are now financially unstable. I put up almost 70,000+ Pesos. Using WhatsApp “AMAZON CUSTOMER SERVICE” introduced me the easy money using online shopping, by grabbing the order using the 10 tasks. They taught me also how to do step by step to register completely to the AMAZON PLATFORM. I submit my registration successfully and I start to earn my commission. As I’ve been completing the order/task the money that I send to BPAY INC should be higher than the amount of order price. So that I need to send more money or top-up to BPAY Inc. through GCASH. After I finished all the task I was decided to withdraw my amount money 0f 90,600 pesos but my transaction is rejected and they asking me additional top -up money of 30,000 pesos. When I contacted the instructor they explained me only to accomplish all the task before I withdraw. Only reason that I pursue to finished the 10 task + 2 additional order. Now, I don’t have anymore money because I put out all my savings and I borrowed some of those money from my relative. Please, I am begging you to return my money back even without commission because that is not all mine.
    Thank you. Your time is highly appreciated!

    1. zenaida manglicmot

      i’m zenaida from philippines same case here, what did you do the? did you withdraw your money? how?