Amazon Philippines Task Platform – Unending task requiring higher amount due to insufficient funds

Reported By: Joyce Abangan

Contact information:
Amazon Philippines Task Platform Cebu

I found this add on Facebook at first doing the task for two consecutive days were perfectly fine. Since the amount that I have to recharge is 100 since I belong in VIP1 category. On the 3rd day of my task I have to recharged many times and the amount is really higher than the category that I belong. I couldnt submit my task since it had insufficient funds alert so I recharged again but this time more than 1k and after that there were series of items that I needed to submit and requiring more funds to recharge. It was then that I noticed that I have already submitted more than 5 tasks which is odd. Per day we are only given 5 task to submit and upon completion money can be withdrawn.Yesterday., I recharged 4k and my completed task that showed in there system is still below 5 products but as I traced my items I already submitted 7 task . Anna (not sure if real name) is the customer service who assist me via telegram and advised to recharged more to be able to withdraw the money. I need to recharged another 2k to submit the item and based on the record registered in the system that money is for the 3rd items… Meaning there will be additional funds need to be covered for the remaining two items to complete the entire 5 task which is real issue since I no longer have the resources to cover the insufficient funds and the money can’t be withdrawn unless all task are completely submitted.

How to file a complaint against Amazon Philippines Task Platform?

* Go to page
* Write Amazon Philippines Task Platform in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Amazon Philippines Task Platform.

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  1. Genesis Salonga

    Hi. I am also experience that kind of problem. This day only, i was registered to amazon ph task platform. They said it is a job. And i thought it is a job to do the task.till i realize it’s not because everytime i do the task the customer service require me to recharge via gcash. Can you please help me to refund my money?