– I want a refund/withdrawal with the money i deposited for the amount of 1800

Reported By: Nanette Guantero

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I want a refund with the freeze money that i deposited amounted to one thousand eight hundred pesos. The person assisted me told me that i just need to deposit 500 then if i completed the task of grabbing orders then i will have commissions, but after i deposited 500, the person said i need to deposit 1200 just to complete the task then i can quickly withdraw my money plus my commission, then suddenly the person incharge told me i needed another money to be deposited just to complete the task, it needs another 1700. So i was alarmed with the process, even with the 1200 that i deposited first i already have this gut feeling that something is wrong so when i asked i need to deposit again i already stopped doing the task and i want it back. So please help me back my money. Hope i can get help, i know there were lots of people who are also scammed or robbed with this kind of business, so please let this kind of modus be stopped and let their operation be killed. Thank for your help. God bless

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  1. Jessie Codenera

    User: 639158162497

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    please guys help me, i don’t have enough money to do the task, need to recharge 4000.
    help me to cancel the order, and please get my money back (2800)