– I am complaining as they asked me to pay tax before i can withdraw my money

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This company asked me to do task ordering job and they required me to deposit Php100 for the initial. I finished the 10 order job task and I got my commission. Then I tried to recharge for another Php100 but now I need to recharge more as the my money does not enough to complete the task. I did, to complete the task I have recharged a huge amount of money. When I tried to withdraw it, they asked to deposit more money because my account is not allowed to withdraw such huge amount, so i have recharged again to follow their instruction. However when I tried to withdraw they told me to pay the 25% payment for personal income tax but they will pay it re pay it to me. They just want to make sure that I have money to pay for the tax. I don’t have money to pay for the tax and I need to refund my money. It’s a huge amount and it’s hard earned money so I really really need your help for me to get that money back


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  1. Hello, the same issue about 25% income tax. Have anyone pay the 25% income tax and have you withdraw your money? Please any advise.