Amity College of Distance Learning – Playing with Students career

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Kiran and I am pursuing my 3 year MBA from Amity Centre of Distance Learning, Noida. I wish to inform you that Amity is playing with the career of many students who have taken admission in their colleges with the hope of getting degree from one of the renowned institute. However, the fact is Amity University does not deserve to be ranked anywhere amongst the top notch Universities. Students are regretting their decision in taking admission in such a pathetic college. When somebody approach them regarding any course, they present themselves in such a way that a person gets attracted towards the institute easily. However, once they receive the admission fee, they do not give a s**t to students. My course registration is expiring next year. Thereafter, my registration will be cancelled and I would have to restart again. I have cleared all the subjects except two. The problem is one of the subject shows my attendance as absent, event though I appeared for the exam. When I approached the study centre to provide me the date of that examination, they tell us that there is no such record and they cannot find the date of that examination. They gave me some email id’s of the respective persons in the unirversity. These people are not replying to my enquiry. It has been about six months. I was pregnant and just got blessed with a baby. Due to this, I cannot go personally. When I told my study centre that I am not getting any reply, the answer I get is they could not do anything on this. This is really ridiculous. This issue is similar with other students. Besides showing incorrect attendance, they show incorrect numbers in the marksheet of students. Besides, they don’t have the record of my assignments that were submitted to my study centre. I had to write majority of the assignments again which wasted my hell lot of time during late pregnancy and money as the resubmission required a good amount of fee. Kindly assist me as I have gone helpless. Everytime, I visited the study centre they asked me to make some draft for the same. I also have the proof of mail trail that has been exchanged between me and university/study centre.

Now, I have decided not to pursue this course any longer. All I want is refund, so that, I can take admission in some nice university which caters to their students enquiry timely and efficiently.

Please look into this matter seriously so that students do not get lured by such university.

If you need any other detail in regards to my course, please feel free to contact me. I am also planning to take this issue to media.

Waiting for your favourable response.

Kiran Rawat

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