I had booked booked a villa in Amrapali Dream Valley,Noida Extension on 15/08/12 through Prithvee Realtors at initial booking of 10%. At the time of booking I was told that the company would send the demand letter for the payment on physical address and through the E-mail registered with the company.On 07/10/2013 the company sent me an information regarding the change in the plan outlay through E-mail and at physical address.I responded the mail by asking the copy of the planed outlay but I was not replied back.
Other than this there was no communication from the company for the demand regarding the payment in any form.This year on my visit to India, on 01/08/14 I by chance went to Amrapali office in Sec 62,Noida to meet the companies official to enquire about about the unit I had booked with them but to by utter dismay I was told that you have incurred an interest of Rs7.8 lakhs on the outstanding balance,on my asking why the demand for the payment was not sent to me through any of the channel of communications I was not given a proper reply on it.Moreover I was told that we are not duty bound to inform you for the payment rather it is the responsibility of the client to make contact with the company.
Please suggest what should I do?Is it a fair practice on the part of the company?

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