To the, General Manager Marketing,

Amrapali Builders,                                                                                                                                08-08-2014

Dear Sir, I am an NRI resident of Saudi Arabia (Dammam).Two years back had booked a villa in your project  : with your channel partner Prithvee realtors on 15/ August/ 2012 on an initial payment of Rs 7 lakh plus(@4277/Sq.ft). The balance amount was to be paid as and when demand would comes up (CLP) .At the time of booking I was told that the company shall make all communication on the physical address, phones numbers as well as on the E-mail address registered with the company as and the situation arises.

Following are the channels of communication provided to you:



#PHONE (i) LAND LINE : 0096638987203 (ii) MOBILE :00966556895735 (iii) 8750200832(LOCAL)


#E-mail :[email protected]

I was send two mails the last one was on 07/10/13 on my E-mail ID [email protected] (registered with you) from your end asking my consent regarding the changes in plan outlay for the said project .As I was not very much convinced accepting the change I thought it would be better to verify the change in person on my next visit to India (August-2014).Other than this no other reminder or demand regarding the payment was intimated to me in any form of communication from your end.

After my arrival to India I reached your office on 02/08/2014 in sector 62 for enquiring  regarding the project but to my utter dismay I was told by the person concerned (Mr.P.Chaudhry) looking after dream valley project, that you have incurred an interest of Rs 7lakh+ on the outstanding  amounts for the delay in the  payment. When I asked him that why no communication regarding the demand was send to me in any form I was told that we had send you a registered demand letter at the local address (370-A,Shipra Sun city) and also we tried to contact you on the phone(8127582149 which is not the number mentioned above and is a wrong number) which could not be reached.

The local address and mobile provided to the company belongs to my wife sisters. She has vehemently denied receiving letters or call of any kind connecting to this project from your company.

Subsequently on my asking did  you try to reach me on the other two numbers (Saudi Arabia) I was questioned back how do I know they are   Saudi numbers? On my questioning again, how does it matters where the number belongs to? In case if the local number was not reachable I should have been contacted  on the other two number provided to you.  hearing this the gentleman immediately shouted back to me,  we not  duty bound to communicate our clients   on any mean  other than the local physical address  provided to us . By contacting you on other channels of communication (phone or E-mail) we are only obliging the customers it is not mandatory on our part.

On my asking following reasons I was given some unconvincing and perplexing arguments which I found difficult to fathom.

1) Why was I being contacted on the number 8127582149 (This number was not provided by me)when I have provided you with the number  8750200832(LOCAL)

2) Why the other two numbers mentioned above were not used at all to reach me.

3) Why any mail regarding demand of payment was not sending to me on my E- mail address registered with you and mentioned above at any point of time.

Sir, I am being asked to pay the penalty for no fault of mine. I do not see any reason to pay the price of the fault of your staff. On my second visit to your office on 04-08-2014  I wanted to talk to you regarding this but was told that you are not available in your chamber .However I could meet your secretary Ms Gitanjali Tewari and have expressed my displeasure to her regarding the same. She has given me a patient hearing and seems to be a very reasonable and kind person. She has assured me all the help.

I am ready to pay my dues any time before my departure to Saudi Arabia on 19/08/2014.Moreover this should be considered as an application to surrender the property if you still feel that am on the wrong side but it won’t be in good taste.

With kindest regards,

Manju  Chandola.

Kanpur .

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