– I am complaining about financial problem

Reported By: K.vijayalakshmi

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In app first its showing less amount to order and they give commission also for first order and then in VIP 3 they given higher amount and they asked to deposit amount and they said after completion of tasks they returned amount like that said but they given higher amounts I dont want to do that my money has been frozen plz do needful for withdraw my money plz


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  1. In vip 3 it was to expensive to invest but i have completed my 3 task while doing the third task i asked that it will be last task . So they said yes but after completing the task it was showing one more task . When i asked them they said there will be 3 or 5 . So the assitants are hopeless because they cant give the proper information . Now all my is freezed and i am helpless. So plz realease the money which is freeze

  2. First time they give refund.Now after reaching level 3 they changed the order and giving ths amount.I are telling that the account got fr ezwd..Not giving the money I spend