– It’s a scam and they took my Rs 18000/-

Reported By: Anonymous

Contact information: India

I was looking for online part time job and so I was checking online then i found these links saying that I can earn money by completing my tasks so when i tapped on to it, it took me directly to whatsapp chat contacting the mentors and the mentor that I got was Marga from Singapore she said. She sent a link in WhatsApp and asked me to register with my phone number and said to continue to receive commission. The first 2 levels were easy and i could withdraw my money along with the commission. So they had my trust and asked me to continue to level 3 and so I did but then the amount was too huge and i couldn’t pay for my order anymore so she said to me do this last and I will ask the team to hold my account but then she lied the amount reached more upto Rs 50000 – 60000 and more. After that I told her I can’t continue because I don’t have the money and then she threatened me that they will hold my account and then freeze my money and I’ll lose it all in desperation i arranged the money somehow borrowing from my friends and deposited the money. But as soon as I was about to complete my task it showed me another of much higher price i asked her she told me that somebody else took my order as because I couldn’t complete it. Then I had a doubt that it was a scam. I told her I couldn’t pay from the payment site so she offered me bank details and then later when i couldn’t deposit the money she said that there’s a penalty for asking bank details what type of bank details are you giving that needs Rs 15000/- to get done. Then she replied in a very rude way and started saying that she’s just doing her job. These people are scammers I can’t reach their website now. Karma will get back to them. They took my Rs 18000/- and I’m so broke 😭😭😭 i have a family to run and it’s getting so difficult for me to pay my friends back 😭 please help me get my money back!! It’s not that I was a fool to listen to them but I was in my desperate times and i needed the money so I fell onto it. Please help me 😭🙏

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