– Regarding WFH job scam- couldn’t withdraw my freezed money..

Reported By: Bhuvaneswari

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I was seeking for a part time wfh jobs and by clicking many websites for wfh jobs that directly jumps to whatsapp with automatic text to that mentors.. And also receiving normal text message advertisement for wfh jobs in this website..In whatsapp they’ve sent some link with code to register and said to continue the process to save the orders by depositing money to finish it then you’ll get commissions.. First 2 levels were easy and could withdraw our money after that from 3rd level they asked to despair to save the orders but couldn’t complete the orders theyve repeatly said to deposit and freezed our money.. First they’ve cheated by giving 10-15% to gain our trust and then started their game from level 3.. Then only came to realised that’s a scammer’s website. I’ve argued with that mentor to give your officials contact then she gave me her merchant number, she also behaved violently and was blackmailed me that she had a capability to count my orders and she said you can’t withdraw like that while I was raised questions and asked to return back my money. Seriously, I don’t know how people doing these kinda deceiving activities courageous.. I’ve screenshots of those orders, text and transition details. I’ve lost rs.34000 (34k). That mentor name – krisha (+639706886188) and her merchant name- messiah (+639979970057) they are using girls name and ‘amzon’ not amazon and sometimes in my account it’s shown Amazon.. Last month I’ve lost it again and again till now they’ve sent offers and asking to continue it.. Kindly take action against them and helps to return back our money from those scammers.. Thank you


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