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Reported By: Anita Kumari

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I am Anita. I got whatsapp message from this number: +91 97798 55994. After exchanging few words, he gave me telegram link to his tutor. She ask to complete few task and they provided 60 rs as a joining bonus. Then Ask me to add 140 rs and then they gave me a commission of 100 rs on that. Then again they assigned me second task that was of 500 rs and earning was 400 on that. I have completed the task and they just win the confidence by giving money in the account. After checking the hug amount of 7 Lakh+ I then I have stopped because this is too much. They just freeze your account and keep showing the money that you never going to get. They seem really trusted but they scam us. They give tou really attracting offers and ask you to complete the task. They ask me for 4 lakh 50 Thousands rupees and commited that they give back all ammount and the commision which was approx 9 lakhs. Yes this is a scam, don’t trust gusy. I wonder if If I ever get my hard eanr money but they can easily fool you of yoyu are needy and have some savings. Because they keep attracting you, poking you for topups & recharge. I just blocked them so that they don’t force ro attrct to add more money

I have wasted my hard earned money and wonder if I can do anything about it.

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