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Dear Sir, On the 18th march 2016, I got an enquiry if my credit Card services are good and if i am receiving the bills on time. I said yes, I was told that i am missing out on the discounts and need to send an SMS to a number and i would receive the discounts, I was suffering with heavy fever and could not take a clear decision when slowly he revealed that he was from 24shopping online- after i was told to punch in my credit card details on to the VRS i sensed something wrong and i stopped when asked my CVV number and told him this seems a fraud he said that he has not asked for any details and that i am dealing with SBI VRS system directly, but suddenly i get a message on my phone that and amount of 7900 has been credited to ANK business solutions.
I called up the SBI help line and was told that this is a registered company with the RBI with many subscribers and they do servicing of Master and VISA cards. Later I again get a call from the company and he tried convincing me that I would be getting discounts monthly for all the purchases and the money would not be refunded and that he can help me in a discount and reduced to 7335. which finally got a message from MOBIWIK. Now when i called him again and asked about this fraud he tried to say that ANK business solution has a business called 24shopping I checked on the website, ANK business seems to be doing varied business from Natural theraphy, automotive parts and also a hirer for and a Tele call services with 40 people on roll. the Director is one Mr ANUP DHADWAL. 24shoppingbazaar online says that it is owned by ANK business.
while the fraud was done a caller threatens me saying that no refund would be made and he would stop the welcome kit too and asked me to take any action what is possible with a rude talk.
I had asked for a refund and also made a complaint on but i got a call saying that the company does not have any policy of refunds and a welcome kit had been sent to me and i have not received any such kit so far.
I again got a call and the caller said he apologies for the inconvenience and would see that he would send in the parcel and that he was helpless regarding the money.
Now it is clear that ANK business solution has got a teleservices company which is systematically involved in these type of credit card fraud under the facade of 24shopping I checked into the site and the site does not have any products worth buying. Now how can a company be registered under RBI and do fradulent activities. Kindly take action against ANUP Dhadwal or against ANK business solutions or against kindly help me to get a refund of my 7335
at the earliest.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    I have opted for the same offer but due to lack to product knowledge i was also in doubt but later on when i called up on thier customer care number then they explained me product again which seems really useful and unique than other companies. All thier products are worth while. i would suggest you too contact them on their customer care. They would surely resolve your problem as well. its a genuine company.

  2. Dear All,

    Myself Deepa took this offer 6months ago and faced no problem in availing cashbacks. Also i like the products which they have delivered to me and found all genuine. If you have query then you can contact them on customer care number.

  3. CustomerCare ANK Business Solutions

    Dear Customer,

    We value your feedback towards our company ANK Business Solutions however it is a genuine offer and all products sent to you are with warranty. If you have any query, please feel free to write us at or call customer care team +91-9350288881 .

    We would love to resolve your queries and doubts.

    Thanking you,
    Customer Care team

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