Appco Group – Cheaters. Brain washers. Play with Innocents

I have been selected by Auro Management, one of the company of Appco Group in Coimbatore owned by Jeganathan. They never told about the work culture in clear. They told to collect money for the CRY (Child’ s rights and you) organisation. They told that Cry is one of their client. During recruiting, they told Reliance, Tata, Vodafone etc are also their clients. But these are false statements. They never sell anything or not marketing any service or Product.
All are young people those who work there. They wont answer any questions about real management. The trainer associated to me took me to the road side. She told first we can refresh and went to bakery. Then we went to shop by shop and she told the owners about the CRY organisation. She never told single point about the company we working for. She not even told we are working in Auro Management or Appco Group.
She also told them that she is raising fund for the CRY for one week only as the social camping.
I dont know whether they really send funds to the CRY organisation.
They are cheating the innocent people.

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  1. Thanks a lot dudes,am an student.they called me on monday.thanks to save my money and time to waste there