Apple 5 C I Phone & Sangeetha Mobiles – Defective 5 C I phone and Poor Customer Service

This is a documented complaint in addition to a set of verbal complaint discussions with Vijay Kumar, Store Manager, CMH Road branch of Sangeetha mobiles.

I was sold a product iPhone 5C 16GB white (358549052166349) by the CMH Road branch of Sangeetha Mobiles where I purchased a sealed product on the 5th of June 2014.

Within 5 days of purchase of the product I started observing that SMS text messages were not going out from my mobile device. Over the last 4-5 days I have had to call the service provider (Airtel here) and also raised the issue with Apple support this past Sunday. All of them clearly pointed out that the problem doesn’t lie with my mobile services carrier and the issue was with the new phone I purchased.

Over the last 2 days I have interacted with the CMH Branch store manager of Sangeetha Mobiles, Vijay Kumar and also the Apple Sales person in their premises Afsar. Both of them have handled the case with hands-off attitude and want me to run around to the Apple Service store in Bangalore to report the complaint.

Given the faulty mobile device smartphone sold to me I find this response and attitude unacceptable. I have requested for a replacement of the device and I don’t expect myself to run around in the first five days of purchase of a brand new iPhone 5C sold at INR 32,000.

I have clearly indicated the next steps to Vijay Kumar, Store manager, CMH Road branch, Sangeetha and Afsar, Apple sales at the same store.

1. If I don’t hear back from Apple Inc regarding the resolution path I have requested, i.e complete device replacement, I would be going to the nearest police station to file a complaint of business fraud and case of cheating gullible consumers like me

2. I would also file a RTI complaint to understand the entire distribution network operations of Sangeetha mobiles and how a product that would have otherwise failed a Quality Assurance process made it to their retail outlet for sale to consumers

3. A consumer court complaint in this regard with the consumer court to facilitate a mobile device replacement or the equivalent INR 32,000 immediately

Owing to all of this my mobile number is unable to be used owing to lack of a phone device. I am currently reachable on the mobile: 91-8971701262 for any immediate follow-up discussion before I start proceeding with the next steps indicated above.
I would appreciate if this issue is resolved timely and carefully.

Anu & Gopal
(Mobile: 8971701262)

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