Apps Daily – Insurance company named Apps Daily not giving any response while I want to claim my insurance.

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Reported By: Ankit Agarwal

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Hello I am Ankit Agarwal from Indore, Madhya Pradesh. This complaint is agaist an insurance company called Apps Daily which is basically located in Ujjain. The whole scenario goes as mentioned below: I have insured my Samsung Galaxy A7 from Apps Daily. After 4 months i.e. on February 22, 2017 my phone got damaged during an accident. The back glass cover got completely damaged and the side metal panel also got damaged. After this incident I thought I don’t need to worry as my phone was insured. But after that incident I am trying to contact this company called Apps Daily but I am getting no response. Even when I went to their office address, as mentioned on the bill, I found no office their. I went to Lotus Electronics Supermarket which is a big name in electronics market, I got no response. I bought the phone from Lotus Electronics. While purchasing the phone I said I want Syska Gadget Secure insurane but the Lotus Electronics people told me that Apps Daily is better, reason being maybe they were having some sort commission for selling more policies of Apps Daily. Now its been about 10 days and I really frustated and I want some strict action agaist this company called Apps Daily.

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