Ask Me Grocery — Expired product and broken seal product – no return until 18 days

Dear Sir,

I had placed an order on the 29th of February 2016 (in Ejipura, Bangalore, Karnataka, India) and had received ‘due – to’ expired product (Milky Mist Ghee – expiring after 10 days of my purchase) and one open-seal product (Dabur Honey).

As any customer would do, I called up the customer-care of Ask Me Grocery and lodged a complaint on the 1st of March for the return of the products, i was then promised a 3 day return and hence i called back the customer care on the 4th of March when nobody turned up (and neither did they bother to call and take a feedback).

On this day (4th of March) when i called the customer care again, they told me that no complaint had been lodged yet! Hence this time, I made sure that I do receive the complaint No. (which is – 000046040316 – this is for the Milky Mist Ghee – now expired product; and – 000057050316 – Dabur Honey – open-seal product). They again gave me a 3 day timeline for the return of the product.

However, no one turned up again! Hence I again gave a call on 8th/9th of March and then again on 14th March – all this time we were only given timelines and were being said “sorry”! Now, that they finally promised that we will at least get a call from the “Back-end Team” or “Concern” team within 24 hours, I waited and waited. Again, to add to my frustration, no body bothered to even give a call – hence, I again called after 28 hours and requested to be connected with the Floor Supervisor – Mr. Vaibhav – within the Customer Care center, who again committed and tried to assure that they have escalated the issue (please note here, that the issue had already been escalated twice before he again tried to assure me of this!) and that the “back-end team” shall revert within 24 hours and then will initiate refund. I again put my faith and waited – however, nothing happened and I couldn’t bear it anymore! Yet, I called again on the 16th of March again in the evening – and to my utter disappointment, the revert from the Ask Me Grocery Customer Care executives as well as supervisors was all the same as before!

Finally, I called again today – the 18th of March 2016 – and still the issue was pending and I was assured of it being escalated! This time I spoke to two people – (Mr. Rahul – the Supervisor and Mr. Sagar – the Executive) none of who were able to resolve the issue and Mr. Rahul was not even allowing me to talk to his supervisor!

I could bear no more and hence – I am raising this concern with the Ask Me Grocery on this Consumer Forum. I beg you to please raise this as high as possible and get us some justice on the mental torture Ask Me Grocery has hammered us with.

Date of Purchase: 29th February 2016
Customer Name and Email: Geetarthi Sharma – [email protected]
Full description of Incident: “Already described above with dates”
Desirable Resolution: Refund of money (and sue the Ask Me grocery for not following its own 3 day return guarantee – for almost 18 days)

Geetarthi Sharma

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