Atharva Infotech – refund of my deposit amount

Atharva Infotech, Kolhapur one of the irresponsive company who only takes and does’nt give.
I had taken automobile job by paying rs 8000/- and they gave me a job I workedon the job as per the instructions ( only to enter the data as it is and nothing to enter in remarks column, only if u have any doubts in the record u have entered u have to mention as N.A. in the remarks column) given by one Mr. ravi, I completed the job and submitted after few days when I went for ask about the work I submitted I was told that ur work is been rejected as u have not mentioned anything in remarks column even when I had done the job as per the instructions ( as mentioned above ) of Mr. Ravi, then also I said let it be and asked them to give me next job they asked me to deposit rs.6000/- and I did so then sent me job, but unfortunately my father was admitted in hospital for 2-3 months and then he expired and so I was not able to continue the job work as I had to handle the business of my father and so I informed Mr. Ravi about this and asked him to pl. refund the amount of rs.6000/- back, but he said to contact Mrs. Smita and so I mailed and sent sms several times to Mrs. Smita but she did’nt reply nor refunded the amount till now.

So how should we believe such frauds….

Refund of my deposit amount as i am not able to continue the job due to my family problems…

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