Audiotechnica991, (taqeunik), house no. 1512, Delhi NC, 110086 – Supply Of Cheap Quality Ear Buds

Reported By: Jugal Verma

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Audiotechnica991, (taqeunik), house no. 1512, Delhi NC, 110086 Delhi, NCR

Company Name Is Audiotechina991, website, Address House no. 1512, Delhi NCR, 110086. on 5th of august 2021, after watching this company’s advertisement on it’s website that it is offering 80% discount on earbuds(wireless earphone) of branded company like sony and jbl, i ordered online. my order no. was #16788. i opted cash on delivery. it took three days to supply. on 8th august, sunday, an agent of flipcart came and delivered the parcel to me and i paid Rs. 1539/- cash to him. when i came to home and unwrapped the parcel, i was shocked to see the product. there were two headphones of local and cheap quality. one with wire and the other one wireless but other one was single. both were made in china and very cheap type product. i contacted the delivery agent and asked about the process of return and refund my money. he told me to visit that site and check order details and there will be option of return and refund. i did the same but there were no option. i was again told by the agent to check their phone numbers in that site. i checked but unfortunately they haven’t mention any phone or mobile number. now i want my full refund. kindly help as soon as possible.

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