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We are all the students from Eswari engineering college. In our class, 15 ME students (5 MATLAB, 4 NS2, 4 Embedded systems, 2 Dot Net) did our PG project in Averzs Technologies, alandur. At the time of July 2013 we have enquired about our project. We had the base paper and we mailed our paper to averzs technologies. Then we called them for the explanation of the base paper. They have explained about our base paper in detail and they have sent the zeroth review materials to us on the next day. The zeroth review material was entirely different even we didn’t get a material in our UG. The material contains more than 10 pages which contains the information like detail abstract with modification for phase 1, Enhanced Abstract for phase 2, introduction about the project, block diagram, explanation of each block of block diagram, flow diagram, proposed algorithm, modified algorithm for phase 1, enhanced new algorithm for phase 2, advantages of proposed system, disadvantages of existing system, literature survey, simplified equations for the algorithms, reference papers, software and hardware details, toolbox information and motivation of the project. The material was very useful. We have got the appointment with the technical team and met them. They have fixed two days project introduction class for base paper explanation. They spent more than hour for each student and explained about the base paper. We have clarified all the technical doubts and we are all highly satisfied with them. After we registered our project with Averzs technologies, we attended the zeroth review classes for 3 days. They taught the thing about the zeroth review. After the classes few of our class’s mates had doubts and they have extended the classes. They didn’t provide PPT because they asked us to prepare the PPT based on the given material which helped us to present the review in a better way. During the review, all our projects were approved in our college then we started our project development. Later, for each review they have conducted few classes and discussed about the coding of our project. For each review we have collected the coding with results and materials with detail explanation. During the review time, they supported us and clarified our doubts through phone at any time. Few of our friends took few more classes. In December, At the time of 3rd review, they have completed our base paper with the modification. We have completed Phase 1 project successfully and got the good idea about our project. We have started phase 2 in January 2014, continued the project classes. This time we have given some suggestions and few more modifications in the Phase 2. They have supported all our requirements during our phase 2. In this time also they have fully completed our Phase 2 work during the 3rd review. We had our final demo on june 1st week only. They had given intellectual support till our final demo. We always thankful to Averzs technologies. We got an excellent project exposure and it will be very useful in our career.

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