B24 E Solution Private Limited Jaipur – Dues of My 6month salary

Hello, Here I’m requesting to take action against my last company B24 E Solution Private Limited. Because they are not clearing my salary dues. I worked here from March 2012 to till August 2013. they did not clear my last 6months salary. even I dont think they are planning about it. every time when I contacted they said they will clear. so please help me. because I’m not only facing this issue. many of B24 ex-Employee as well as current employee facing this issue. Please help. Thanks Saunik Singh +91 8878272316

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  1. They took me $2,000 and never finish the project. The first start month was ok, finished on time took the money and then stop doing. No email , no answer, no communication at all. No refundable! NEVER USE THIS COMPANY. Scammer