beigh group – beigh group fraud company

Beigh Group also known as Beigh Group of companies is a fraud company. They hire employee without any work and do not provide salary. Even if beigh group of companies have no requirement of employees they will hire them and spend their time and money as employee will come to office and do nothing.
Moreover it beigh group show it’s venture as real estate , event management interior designing and education consultant. all the ventures are fake and fraud. they are only exist to time passs and entertainment

6 thoughts on “beigh group – beigh group fraud company”

  1. yes it is true . i am ex employee of this company. The system of company is very bad. You will spoil your career if you join this company. Th ecompany is only show off. It is better to be unemployed than work here.

  2. Yes, this is true, I am x employ of this company. two men are run these fraud companies, Burhan Baig & Mushtaq Baig both are brother world label thief they are also. you will spoil your career work with these guys. Please Never Ever work with these guys.
    Please check this man on this link

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