Bespoke digital media fraud company


bespoke digital media is doing fraud for freshers taking 7000 rupees for job as security
but not refund. recruit students to college campus selection give 2 hrs training in his vaishali as name bespoke training center near ansal plaza please fresher not give any money for that. Not is MNC only purchase domain name uk.not having any branch in uk.Bespoke is fraud company

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  1. Yes I am agree bespoke digital media is a fraud company provide useless training of 1 hrs daily and take money for that and do not offer job.
    I f you join this company you will spoil your two precious months. this company is fake. company head vishal is a big fraud.

  2. This is rubbish. No such training is authorised by Bespoke Digital Media Ltd UK. The company is established in UK since 2011. The company has requested for contact details of the complainant …. Bespoke Digital Media Ltd UK will file legal complaint against the complainant for making false allegations.