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Dear Team

I had opted for the Assisted Matrimony Services from Bharat Matrimony site after being told many good things by the sales staff Mr Ravinder by paying Rs 17000/- cash for three months. Mr Balwinder was the assisted manager. He didn’t even bother to send the good profiles, but after complaining to Ms Deepa, his senior, got some responses (only 3) meetings in 3 months that too the profiles were selected by us and the profiles he sent and we asked the details, or said yes to it, he was not capable to convince the other party to go ahead instead he had always convinced us to leave our priorities which we did to some extent. At last when he sent 4 profiles, we approved all of them and asked for the further action, he told us the feedback of only one out of 4 and other 3 he did not bother as he knew that the time is going to over in a weeks time.

I just wanted to bring your kind notice that they are cheating everyone by saying good things for the website/ thier profile. The website is fake and they all are fake. I want whosoever is reading this complaint mail, forward it to the higher authorities so that the strict action can be taken against the people I have named above as they are purely cheating the innocent people and the website also.

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  1. i have taken registration in website. they told me to provide relations but they have not even answered my calls ..i found it was a fraud website. finally i got relations from another website services are good and provide instant support and relations.

  2. We hereby bring to your notice a fraudulent and fake profile in the name of GIREESH KUMAR

    son of PN Mohan & Geetha Mohan in a reputed wedding site Bharat Matrimonial and also many

    other social sites such as Linked in etc.

    We have had a very bad experience with him & his family through this matrimonial site where

    he highlighted or rather faked his education background as B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering

    from Jyothi Engg college Trissur ,Kerala. But After educational and background

    verification it was found that he was not at all a student of the mentioned engineering

    college. From the relatives and neighborhood in Kerala we got to know that he was just a

    12th pass (no evidence against this even) and also had some criminal records against him.

    He has one elder brother who is married and has a 3 year old kid and on the verge of

    getting divorce and the reason was domestic violence by her in laws back in Bahrain because

    of which she had to move to Kerala with the kid.

    They don’t have even a single piece of property in India (Pattanamthitta, Kalanjoor) and

    boasted that they are in process of buying a property near guruvayoor but the fact is that

    they sold all their property to save their business in Bahrain inspite of which the

    business is not a success and running into loss. He has casted himself as Manager of his

    own company Ultra NDT in Bahrain which is not a big deal.

    Now if you guys check his profile you will see a different educational background saying

    that he has done his Engineering from Delhi and also did his MBA from IGNOU. We have

    captured the evidences of this and attaching the same along with this Compaint.

    Those you are reading this please don’t blindly fall for the profiles posted on the

    matrimony site as they are not being verified or validated by the site authorities.

    Please do a complete research on the person before hand to avoid getting trapped by such

    fraud people.

    Request Bharat Matrimony staffs to verify alteast the educational background before

    accepting such profile registration.

  3. Hi My sis also taken premium membership from bharatmatrimony and when we were trying to contact someone then i found lots of no are invalid and maximum profile are fake. So at last we got groom for my sis from other matrimony website.

  4. Don’t depend on matrimony sites for getting married..marriage is a very important decision in life…i am a victim of such fake profile on matrimony. They initially told they have a 10 crore turn over company and their son is the director of their company. After marriage , the facts came out….that guy was impotent , under medication and drowsy all day and night, his parents knew this, they don’t reveal his medical condition, when we asked for his medical records, i and my family was abused verbally and they hit and injured my mother. I had dowry harrasment in addition. We filed a case against them…they being rich…escaping everytime..managed to get fake medical certification….Its been 8 months i am struggling to get justice, alll i asked is for the money we spent and gave for mrg and a divorce…which i am not getting…my life is ruined…i. Am fighting alone loosing money , distressed mentally and physically…..i don’t want any one to face such issues…dont blv strangers in such sites..marry some one…whom u knw well…

  5. Yes, even I had a pathetic experience with this website. Came across a person called Sriram Somanchi. Passed time with us for one year, everytime saying that he wanted to know me further and talked for hours together for number of times, met my family and his sister finally denied us. We meet many such people devoid of values on this site. So be careful.

  6. PAID member are also fake “Bharat Matrimonial”.

    Below is the details of that member:-
    Name on profile:- Sonu Sharma
    UK Mobile Number:- +44 79253 52524 (Got duting chat, this number is also available in whatsapp and u can see the pics, if available, as currently i am blocked by that number)
    Number that is register to BM:- +91-96541 75978
    MailID :-
    BM profile ID :-H5213872
    Yadav Matrimony :- YDV315003

    I came to know about the fact about after 1&1/2months, when i asked some of her pic and when i searched for that pic in google i found that, this pics are of some high profile girl “SWATI VERMA” who is an anchor in delhi.

    When i explained the truth, that member stops communicating with me.
    We always have a chat on yahoo messenger.
    On her profile, she has posted that she is a Doctor and permanent resident of UK and her profile is created by some of her friend in Delhi.

    After giving the full details about that profile, it is deleted from BM.
    I go to the police station also to file the FIR so as to track that member as it comes under the cyber crime, but no ones files and fir, one said it is your personal issue and another said, nothing has happened to you so why to worry and it is very small case.

    It is very easy to track such member, i have the phone number, ip address, and mostly that member is paid member (BM can give the details only after legal process and only to police not even me as i tried)

    The big problem is they(Matrimonial sites) make the authentication of the user via mobile number and via voice call and nothing else. And their sites are full of fake profiles, either male or female.