Bharat Matrimony – Elite Matrimony— Wrong representation

I wanted to sign up for bharat matrimony and had called their call center for details. They gave me details of elite matrimony saying that it would suit my profile and that they had excellent profiles. I thought that it would be good considering my background and hence I signed up. I clearlly asked that wheteher they will have that many elite profiles. I was said there hundreds!!! I was given one profile of a smart educated girl. That was good. I was promised 2 3 profile per week. After the first profile it just went downhill. the rest of the profiles where hardly elite. It is rude but the fact is they were profiles of even simple graduates from lower middle class families. How was that elite??? I was promised upper class families opr educated. The profiles never met both the criteria. I complained to a manager called swati jain (9310594412)She said she will intervene and sort it. She says that my community there arent many elite profiles so she is sedni8ng me simple profiles. After that the profile quality did not improve but infact I did not even get feedback from the company on the profiles sent to me. Now the profiles being sent has gone down to almost 1 per week. May be cause i have only few weeks left that they are trying to finish my time and say that my time period is over. This is absolute cheating. They sold me the elite profile knowing that they dont have profiles. Then their basic service also stops. There is nothing elite about the service…that is gauranteed. They are grossly misleading people.

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  1. Another victim

    I agree ELITE is a cheat set up !! I was persistantly called until I enrolled and they promised me only ELITE profiles suiting my requirements to be sent to me weekly. Nothing materialized for reasons that didn’t make sense !! “Boys family doesn’t want an NRI girl” well then why send them my profile and why send me theirs?? Boys family doesn’t want a very tall girl !! So cut my feet off?? Boys family believes in kundaalis. I don’t !! So time went by like this. The classic one boy is travelling or on a business trip when he’s back he will get back to us. And then what would happen was suddenly I was being coaxed into considering profiles that was not of my specifications at all !! Profession, location and background wise !! What next? My membership expired ofcourse !! Then they said to enroll again this time a special discount and this time they had exactly the kind of profiles I am looking for but can only proceed if I am still a member !! So I tried and it’s still the same thing !! I spent 15 weeks in India and nothing worked out !! Their story – the potentials are interested but ATM are busy and or travelling !! Fraud company !! Please save yourselves and your money !!