Big Sky Shelters Old Customer Review

In the year of 2012 i visit to Big Sky Shelters office for buying a flat in Banashankery Bangalore. I meet to their people who told me Big Sky Shelters is a real estate company and we have more that 15 project in Bangalore which has been start in different location of Bangalore. After listening all these thing I also came in their false statement and I had given 80 thousands to book a 2 bhk flat. But when I went to site visit there was board of some other builder. And when I asked about this they told we are making it in partnership. And after 4 month I got a notice that your booking has been cancelled and your money will refund after three month. Total 11 month has been over but still we are waiting. They have done a big cheat with many people which I know after notice. So guys be aware to Big Sky Shelters builder.

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  1. Hi Rishikesh,
    Shall I have a discussion about your experience with the Big SkyShelters. I may help you out in this account.

    Thank you | Nawab | 07259212606.

  2. Hello rishikesh,

    For ur kind information..BIG SKY SHELTERS had open a company recently in 2013 kkk,,then how visit in 2012,,,ur statement is fake statement…..Dear People dont belive what he is telling k……

  3. hai.. mr. rishikesh..i have visited big sky shelters last week as u mentioned big sky shelters is marketing company and I have booked a flat in sarjapur road which is near to my work place and low price better than builder and they are giving good services and co operative staff….it’s seems to be genuine

    1. Ya its true company is registered in 2013 ,I checked that registration form also dnt believe in that fake statment

  4. Hi all,

    I recently booked a flat with Big Sky Shelters at sarjapur road.

    I did not face any issues and My registration also is done recently. This company is Genuine.