Bliss Infosoft – Regards: 2 Months Salary

My Name is Pathuri, First of all I have to Thank the Complaints About BusinessTeam for Providing this Facility for a Common Man. I Use to Work for BLISS INFOSOFT( OR ( as a south central zone sales manager. The HR-Manager Ms.Anjana Bhatt have Released the Offer Letter and Mr.Sanjay Pandey has taken my interview and they gave training and sended me to South for the Business Development of their company.But they didn’t provide ID Card or any facility for marketing.they asked me to do the Marketing. But Eventhough I worked and they asked me to Report Daily Activities through online for that they have given me Some Link as well .I Use to Travel and use to Spend my Own Money.They also didn’t Provide any Bank Account for the Salary.Till Now after Joining they have Paid me only one Month Salary and they Didn’t Pay my Traveling Allowances.When I Asked my Salary all of Sudden they Mailed me that they have Fired me .I Think they are cheating like this for Many People.I Mailed them a lot and I also called them but there is no reply for the Mail and when I use to call Mr.Sanjay Never Lifts my call and if I call from new number he lifts and says that he will check it and there after he Never Lifts the call.And HR-Manager Ns.Anajana Bhatt she Dont know the HR Rules and Regulations and she don’t know even how to speak english she never lifts my call, if she lifts also she will give call to Miss :Aakanksha .they are Torturing me like anything without paying my salary. THEY ARE NOT EVEN PICKING UP MY CALL IF I CALL TO MR.SANJAY OR MS.ANJANA BHATT.THEY ARE DOING OVER ACTION. Mr.Sanjay Pandey & Ms.Anajana are fit for nothing.and they both cannot serve in any company .Because they are the Worst People I had Evevr Seen in My Life. CONTACT :+91-11-45657976, 64590446, +91-9716720049 . So please do me the Justice.

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