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Blue Valley Properties Pvt Ltd

Once your deposit and money is in, he will treat you and drive you away like a dog when you walk into his office. It is better that you report to the black money reporting program of india to investigate this KSN Raju and what he did with all your money. He obviously has amassed huge amounts of wealth by cheating so many of his earlier investors in Smilee Anandavana 1, 2, 3, and 3 more developments in Bangalore. He will take our money and never finish the development. If you want proof, go and see for yourself 4 layouts he has made in Dodballapur road, Smilee Anandavana 2, 3, and two other new layouts he has sold near Anandavana 2 and 1. Even after 10 years of launching these layouts, no pucca roads, no electricity, park or amenities and some people who built homes there believing him have just abandoned their houses and gone away.

Do not just complain here, take a bold step and teach these guys what honesty is all about.

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