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I have purchased a flat at bramha meander. Kharadi. Its been a month and i am really frustrated with this builder. Before selling they were very co-operative and say anything but after selling they act like dictators. No employee takes any responsibility. No logic, no legality. Stuffs just bluff of getting back regarding any queries but they dont and then they stop answering the calls.
Can the builder dictate whom i can or can not give on rent my own flat? Nothing is mentioned in the deed or manual.
On the deed they mentioned that there is a dry balcony but all the balconies are open to sky. Mentioning that they agreed to me that i can cover it with the polymar sheet. After purchasing the material of rs. 30000, now they shows me a colour and the fabric and says that is the thing which i can use to cover the balconies.
Now my question is, my flat is on the top floor and that fabric is inflamable. If during any festivals it catches fire from the fire crackers, then who will be responsible?
How can they stop me from putting a safe material with the excuse of that it is not company approved. Why they did not mention initially about all these factors when we discussed every thing with them and with all the authorised persons of the company? Within less than a month after getting possession i am thinking to sell it off. Irresponsible company with irresponsible work force.

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