Bright future national – fake job

they called me and told than as you have updated your profile so we have to build your resume for that you have to pay
2250 and first I payed and after that they called me again and said that I was selected as Teller Authorizer in HDFC bank
and asked me to pay 3250 more for going further and I will got the Service Agreement and afer that they called me again
and told me to pay 6999 so that I will get the offer letter and joining letter and then after some time I payed that amount and
waiting for the offer letter and they also told me that you dont have to pay again but they again called me and asked to pay
20000 as per the security charge but i rejected to pay that amount and asked them to refund my money and they told me that
definately your money will me refund to you after one month and you will get a call and your account details will be asked to you then you have to send your details by mail then your money will be refunded but now after one and half month they dont called me and if I try to make them call then they dont answere me. I am middle family person I want my money back please help me in this metter I have all my 3 payment receipt.

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