C3i pvt limited Hyderabad Madhapur is Fraud – Cheat & Fraud company

First of this is my honest personal experience, where I worked for few days and was forced to quit for raising my concerns for right concerns regarding there false commitments n false information and inappropriate behavior, which I will never forget as they wasted my valueable time n gave me mental stress

Let’s start of with interview

Before I could start the interview I was informed about my salary package and my role which was suppose to be core technical where I will be supporting Apple devices n troubleshooting device related apps, peripheral n connectivity issues n if I was selected I will be getting my offer letter the same day.
Well I cleared the rounds n my last round was postponed to next day and after clearing my interview, my salary package was discussed but I still didn’t get my offer letter, which I recieved on the 3rd day of my joining n my salary package was different because I was told I’ll be getting Salary+sodexo coupons, when I asked the hr she didn’t respond me properly n asked me to just sign it, I did because I was helpless due to bad financial conditions.

Training phase

My training experience was very pathetic because the Corporate trainer was not at all professional in any terms making fun of the trainees n had no decency at all.
Coming to the actual training subject, after completing my corporate training moved onto the next phase which was Product n process, In which at that point of time I was told what my exact role for the company would be n to my surprise n disappointment it was only the applications for pharmaceutical company which manufactures drugs, when I raised my concern about it what I was informed to me at the time of interview was not this n requested the manager to change my process, They said if I wish I can continue or quit the company because now they can’t do anything about it n because of my situation I decided to continue with the process but to my dismay after couple of days the hr manager called n said that they don’t need me anymore n the management want me to quit, So I was forced to quit n go jobless.

I would say C3I is one of the Biggest Cheating n Fraud companies filled with unprofessional management n politics who never listen to the employees concerns. I would request anyone who wants to join this company stay away or if you still want to join take everything in written as a proof, n don’t leave without taking the offer letter the same day of your selection if not they will for sure manipulate it.

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