Carmel Convent High School Mamc Durgapur – school has cheated me and not refunding fess of rs 36500

Carmel Convent High School Mamc Durgapur Reviews & Complaints

Reported By: Bhawana Amit Kumar

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Carmel Convent High School Mamc Durgapur

Worst school. I admitted my child in nursery, everyday my child comes up with extreme injury and two time teeth bitten in hand of my child. My cheeks child got poison in blood and when i went to speak to the principal, she insulted me by calling all teachers and saying that total care can’t be given to child all time. These things will happen. When i went to complain to class teacher jayanti kumar, she forced me to take tution privately and demanded 2500 rs, so take care of my child. I have a written complain. No action taken. They said withdraw your child is you have problem. Apart from my child many children are injured, when i said this to principal, she said, that talk about ur child and not other. Didn’t refund me any money, total RS 36500, they took and asked me to take child back if i lodge complain. My money is gone, my child is in trauma, suffering extreme poision. And school administration is taking rest and is at peace. This is the sceanario of Carmel School fuljhore mamc durgapur. Yes the principal infront of all teachers, told me, go take all parent, go for strike, go to media, do what you want, but can’t refund money, neither i can find full safety assurance of your child. I have a copy of the written complain letter signed by the principal with me. Totally haressed. Plz don’t put childeren to nursery in this school. I am a guardian and i am suffering a lot.. I don’t want any other parent to suffer like me.

Principal herself told me that i can’t give any gurantee of safety if you want withdraw your child, but i won’t give money back..

I have withdrawn my child and my money is cheated and lying with the school.

She even said, if you want go to media, go to police, gather union against us. Do what suits you.

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