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Reported By: Oda saludaga

Contact information:
UAE, United Arab Emirates

Last Sept 18 2017 I buy this LG Mobile the promoter just to me the display piece which he say it’s on sale because it’s open box already but he said it’s in good condition and he didn’t tell me any rules and regulation in buying open box item and not even 1 week I return the item because battery is very fast to drain they didn’t accept it to change because it’s open box and it’s on sale OK fine they justsend it to service center after 2 weeks service center send me message that it’s fixed and when go there to collect it become more worst when we open the mobile it’s 100 ℅ full battery and when im looking at the mobile it’s like a clock dropping battery status every second battery status is getting less so I didn’t take it and the person in the service center told me he will call me by the next day regarding it but I don’t receive a call instead I receive again message that my mobile is under repair again and now again almost 1 week again still no news on the phone I buy im very very disappointed that I buy mobile because my old mobile is not functioning well already but the almost 1 month already it’s on service center. I’m going home on December for good I’m planning to buy more things to send home but the 1 st thing I buy is terrible so i don’t know now where will I buy other things to send home because since I came here in UAE I always go in carrefour for 11 yrs of my stay here carrefour is my first choice.

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