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Reported By: Deepya

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I am a resident in Perungudi, Telephone Nagar 6th. Cross Street, Chennai. There are four other families in the apartment where I am residing; most of them including me are working people. We keep going to offices on all days except the week days, leaving behind at home our elderly parents, children and house wives to manage themselves during our absence. Sometimes we go on night duty also when due to the isolated sport where our building premises is located becomes vulnerable to threats from thieves. But we had our compound wall well protecting our flats from such threats. During days of floods and storms all these days, the compound wall stood strong guarding our building from all threats. Adjacent to my flat where I am residing recently a builder by name Casa Grande has started construction work. They had planted heavy iron rods near our compound wall and fixed sheets in connection with the construction work. Unfortunately those iron rods were leaning on our compound wall resulting in our compound wall to bear the weight of those iron rods and sheets. Recently, when there was storm wind in Chennai, those iron rods along with the sheets fell on our compound wall resulting in heavy damage to our compound wall and the drainage pipes that were fixed on the outer walls of our apartment. Because of this our apartment has become fully unsecure for our lady folks and children, besides the sewage water from the surrounding areas seeping into our building premises.
We approached the builder adjacent many times to repair the compound wall, but they not only refuse to hear our plea with some excuses as if they are not concerned with the incident at all and come forward to repair it.. They persist saying that the compound wall was weak and hence could have fallen by its’ own. As a matter of fact our building is a new construction and the compound wall has withstood floods and heavy rains all these days for the past couple of years. Casa Grande just want to shirk responsibility and want to escape from spending amount to repair the compound wall altogether. We are at a loss now unable to understand how to cope up with them. Our lady folks, elderly parents and children are feeling unsecured to live in the flats and during night hours. Even after repeated follow ups and complaints not even a single team member of casa Grande has even visited to check on the issue.

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