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Reported By: Ida

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Cash now online app Dubai

These people in Cash now are using different numbers to harass me everyday and threatening me to call my management and look for me! This is too much,i have sent them an email that i am not able to pay right now because i am at the hospital but they are calling me since morning until night and telling me to apply the extension and I refuse to apply the extensions because its very very high and expensive! They are killing people with their highest rate of interest,and this is very sad even they are illegal for doing so but they keep harassing people who have paid delays! This app should be banned and down! Bank won’t do this to anybody but them? They wont let you sleep,and they are calling you beggar! Now i am ignoring their calls because of the hurtful words from them,these are the numbers who are calling me everyday! +971564124842/0564124836/0564124843/027119547/0509778157/0509779706/0564124826 and different numbers in WhatsApp/+63 928 495 3301/and this is what they have sent me-Good day, do you still have any intention to settle your account or we will now coordinate this to your employer? and the other one is Dear CashNow User,

This is the last reminder for your loan repayment. It’s been 7 days over now and your loan still hasn’t been paid. Any additional deferral will result in a damaged credit score. Please pay promptly and maintain your credit score to increase limit of loan amount and avoid further consequences.

▪Will cause delay in payment
▪Low credit score
▪Loss of extra money due to interest.
▪Low eligibility for next loan.
▪Reduction of amount limit
▪Negative report with credit bureau.
▪Suspension of loan account or service will result in blocking/‪+91 99301 05711‬/ and sms too/Dear Customer,It is to inform that your bill is overdue for 11 days, Any further delay,your case will be forwarded to the legal team for further action. this is the sms


How to file a complaint against Cash Now?

* Go to page
* Write Cash Now in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Cash Now.

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