Casio – Delayed watch servicing due to unavailability of spare parts in India. The spare parts have to be imported from.Japan

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Reported By: avinash krishnan

Contact information:

Dear Sir/Madam
I had submitted my watch for repairs and servicing on 19th Sept 2017. The SLA for the watch delivery was 20 business days since the spare parts have to be imported from Japan and are unavailable in India.

My complaints are as follows
1. The SLA for the delivery of the watch has been breached
2. The customer (myself) is not given any formal update (via mail) explaining the reason for delay in service
3. Upon calling the service center I hear excuses like the servers are not working, the parts are yet to reach India.
4. When I asked them to forward the call to a senior manager in the servicing department, they denied my request.

Requesting you to take immediate action against Casio India for taking the necessary actions.

Repair Slip no. Of the watch = INC413-040170901187

Thanks and Regards
Avinash Krishnan Raghunath

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