Challenger Info Systems – Fake Company-It is not Company .It’s only training institute

Terms and Conditions:
1. Submit Original Certificates.
2. First Three Months Salary not Provide.
3.After Third Months Salary 7000 is not properly provided.
4.after one year is not provide Original certificate. Fraud … Fake Company…

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  1. Mr.BalaMuralikrishna,how you can claim company as a fake company,if your not selected in interview and willing to agree for our terms and conditions ,then it is your problem,you know how difficult to build a Brand name for company,playing cheap tricks in websites and simply writing fake company,
    Do you know the meaning of fake company,your a just fresher,with out knowing a meaning,your badly writing the comments ,

    We are taking legal action on you,our lawyer will give notice to you,we are looking to put Criminal Case on you,

    If you have any issues we will discuss in court.