chawla’s 2 – Chicken Lollipop

Hello Team, I am a regular customer of Chawlas-2, Indrapuram, Ghaziabad. They have my all details and no doubt they have good food, but today I ordered One Chicken Lolipop.. first they denied but then agreed for that. Received the order but, when I consumed it after half hour it was roasted too much nthg to eat.. all roasted too much.. I called them but they were busy in taking order and then they cut my call only because they want to make more customers rather than to please existing customers and this is not the way to do a business at all. I just want to convey one message to them make new customers but please the old ones atleast… Hope this website will help me as soon as possible. Warm Regards, Arun Pahwa Mob – 9650944077

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