Cheating by contest

I had got lottery offer for Samsung GALAXY for Rs.699 on 03-06-2013. I knew it was a lottery. Only after paying
699 Rs, I got a phone call saying that, I have to pay 3500 Rs more to be part of
the lottery. Now I have to 699Rs of some other products with them.

If I contact to customer care, Every time they ask about all the case and they simply deny for any refund but we give you credit point, also, we don’t have any policy.

So to avail that credit point(699) i make a new purchase(Bedsheet) for the amount of Rs.374. There is one option “Would you like to use your credits towards this purchase?”. I click that option to use my 699 credit points. But after that i have to pay the balance 315. Apart from 699 rs i have to pay 315 for just 374 worth product i have choosen.

when I re-connect my call to customer care, they always ask and collect all my case history and in the end, they hold me for long time and disconnect my Phone.

I dont know how to get back my cash from that cheating fellows.
My mobile number is 9942685295, mail id is [email protected]

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