Cholo Jai Travel Club : Very Poor Management : 27-Dec to 1st Jan Varanasi trip.

Dear Sir / Madam,
I would like to draw your kind attention for some of my concerns and beater experience regarding to Varanasi – Allahabad package on 27-12-13. I have traveled with different renowned travel agent (ie Banerjee / kundu) several times and my experience with cholo Jai not the same. I have selected Cholo-Jai this time as I have heard some good feedback about them but my experience does not proof so.
Anyway, I thought to share my experience with you, but you will take any action or not is totally your wish. After this experience I will never recommended Cholo-Jai any more to any of my friend or family members.
14th Dec 13 :
My first bad experience happened once I had gone for final payment. It was on 16th Dec’13 as communicated by Cholo-Jai but due to my personal problem my date was changed to 13th Dec (Saturday). Once I had reached to Cholo-Jai office, there is no one to accept my remaining amount and I have to wait for 2 hours for this. Which could have been communicated much earlier to me and my 2 hours of time can be saved.
27th & 28th Dec 13:
We have started on 27th Dec any our train was late by 8 hours. There is only one representative of Cholo-Jai in our train which is not at all sufficient for address 22 person in the train. Cholo-Jai could have arranged some more persons to address those entire 22 passengers properly.
29th Dec 13:
We have done Allahabad trip on this day. It was fine trip for all the day except for boating in Pryag. Cholo-Jai agreed to arrange Boating for all of us and charged Rs. 150/- per head. I personally checked with different boat agent and one single boat cast around 400 to 500 rs for 8 persons. I could not understand why Cholo-Jai charges us 1200/- ( 8 * 150 ) rs for a single boat where as it can be manage in 400/- to 500/- rs max.
30th Dec 13:
We have gone for Varanasi side seen. Cholo-Jai representative did not mention any time limit for any place and due to that all the visitors are wasting the time like any thing. They are doing marketing for more than an hour but Cholo-Jai did not follow up them at all. At last in Sarnath, Cholo-Jai representative forces us to complete the mesuam and stoopa by 20 minute which is not at all possible. I have a round of hot discussion with Cholo-Jai representative and I did not agree with this time. After that Cholo-Jai representative arrange a separate auto for me and return me back at hotel. This is good approach indeed. But it could be avoided if Cholo-Jai maintain proper timings.
In the evening Cholo-Jai plned for Biswanath Darson trip. We have an 14 seat Tempo Traveler for this trip. There was four old (65+) person available in our car but un fortunately there is no one Cholo-Jai representative available in our bus. The Tempo Traveler stopped almost 2 km before the actual place and those entire old aged person are bounded to work for those 2 KM. No one Cholo-Jai representative are available or help them at this point. I have called Cholo-Jai representative several times but no action had been taken. Where as there is another Travera which covered those 2 KM and reach to the actual place. If Cholo-Jai representative consider and re-allocate the seating arrangement then that can be managed much better way.
Cholojai charged 100/ rs per person to boating in Ganga river and we have paid al most 2200/- rs all together. I have checkd personally that the boating cost is 40 rs per head and aprox 1000/- for a big boat which provided by Cholo-Jai representative. I could not understand why Cholo-Jai charges us 2200/- ( 22 * 100 ) rs for a single boat where as it can be manage in 1000/- rs max.
This eveining Cholo-Jai provide a small packet of biscuits of 5 rs and a cup of tea as evening snacks. This amount of snacks is not at all sufficient for a person.
31st Dec 13: We are travelling back to Kolkata from Varanasi station. As per Cholo-Jai’s commitment, there should not any upper birth in the train. Unfortunately most of the Old aged person are got upper birth which was really difficult for them to manage. Cholo-Jai did not provide any assistance to them.
This is not a complain more over it is a concern from my side which I have notice in entire trip.
1. Cholo-Jai should more transparent about there hidden charges
2. They should take care of the quality and amount of food
3. Cholo-Jai should provide more assistance to the old aged person.
4. A small packet of biscuits of 5 rs is not at all sufficient for snacks for a person
5. Cholo-Jai should take more responsibility and representative should available any time for assistance.

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