– advertising fake shoes by displaying original brands advertisements on facebook contained adidas springblade brand shoe only for 1390. as soon i saw it i ordered the shoe only by looking the picture and the details were not mentioned clearly that the product will not be the same. i ordered the show and paid 1450 and as oon i opened the box it was completely a different show name ” MAXX AIR” and the show contained spring blade alongsides which is a category of adidas and no where adidas was mentioned and the shoe also is completely a fake one as the inside cloth is completely detached not the shoe in any wa resemblesto original or atleast a copy of adias springblade. when i complaint about this they clearly rejected to refund. my token for he complaint is 12692 registered with chupchap . kindly look into the matter as they say tha we mentioned that the brand could be different but nowhere it was written and even if they were committed to their words that the brand will be differen why are they using adidas springblade name with any company name like maxx air and also how can they use the actual adidas springblade image while selling shoes with any proper name anybody will get fooled by thinking it is the copy of the original product but what we receive is completely different. they have charged 1450/- rs and now they reply saying that refund is not possible as they think that they have delivered springblade but they don’t know that springblade is completely a category of Adidas shoes

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