circum navigation resource management pvt ltd – online fraud

the firm has asked me to do a registration of 4000 after which they will conduct an interview for me. the interview was conducted and when i asked about my offer letter from the hotel in hong kong they asked me to deposit 90,000 more to provide an offer letter.
the company address is fraud and action should be taken against the fraud they are doing


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  1. circum navigation is total fraud people. My process started in end of 2015, but till date, i have not received any positive response from them. they took money from me initially. They had told that i would be getting final interview and job within 11 months. till then, i have been chasing them for progress, but nothing has happened. i have written them many times for refund, but they informed not to give any refund. today also, i phoned them, Ms. Pooja picked up the phone, asked my name and put me on hold. i am not understanding, what is happening. they are not giving any response. it is my hard earned money and i need that money back. even, i visited their Nehru Place office many times, but every time, they assured me.

    i am frustrated and feeling myself cheated. they are all fake. i need my money back. please help me.

  2. I’ve already spread the word amongst my friends and colleagues (& will do it in future too) and there are a few who are already registered with you. Hope they see exactly what I am looking at right now ? Cheers to your professionalism.
    Thank you very much for the entire team of Circum for making it possible.

  3. Hi All, Once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there and for showing me the right direction to make it successful.
    I salute the positive spirit and sincerity that you put in the association and will never think twice for referring the desired candidates.
    Once again A BIG thank you Circum Team !!!!

  4. Thanks a lot to all members of team of Circum without your corporation, support and efforts this could not be happen I appreciate efforts of all team who helped me and my family to get through from this Canada PR process.

  5. Hi All
    The overall experience with Circum has been a really satisfying one. I would give a thumbs up and would definitely recommend this company to anyone planning to file a PR for Australia.
    Keep up the good work guys!

  6. For all Circum Team,
    Thanks for the good news!! Really appreciate Circum’s guidance and assistance provided , finally we get the PR process successfully completed ! Thank you all

  7. I appreciate your co-operation and I will definitely refer you and your consultancy to my all friends.
    Please keep in touch. Thank you all

  8. Hi

    It is now like a dream come true situation, and its all because of the hard work, focused and committed team of Circum. My entire family is thankful for helping us in completing the process. We have always received a quality service in getting the Canada PR.

    Thanks, thanks, thanks a lot.

  9. would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the services being provided by Team of Circum in helping us in getting Canada PR. It was entirely a strong gratitude of the executives starting from assistance in filling up the forms, followed by proper step wise guidance. thank you all

  10. Thanks to all Circum team

    you all were reminding me, helping me for my Canada PR Process , and always suggested a solution when I would face problems along the way. I am very thankful to all of you and I will readily refer Circum to my friends and colleagues who might be interested in working/staying abroad.

  11. Hi All Circum Team,

    Thank you so much for helping me get my Australian resident visa. You have been extremely co-operative and approachable throughout this long process and I am very grateful that I chose Circum.

  12. Thank you to All”

    I remember, our journey starts with first step in to Circum office where CRM has explained all the step wise step process very nicely. Then, we started with filing of the application. It was like to start the process to achieve the long term goal of life. We were extremely satisfied with the assistance being provided by Team of Circum.

  13. I appreciate all Circum team for the patience in answering all my queries and suggestion that i would ask him for the process.
    Finally, he had asked me to call the Australian Immigration and the same when i did i got the Grant Letter.
    Thanks to Circum & team at New Delhi whom i have not met but have done all the background work for the whole process.
    Finally, I am glad that I chose Circum for my Immigration to Australia.

  14. I would like to thank alot of people involved in my whole process:
    Firstly, who was the first person I interacted and she briefed me about the whole process for the Australian Immigration.
    Following which after I got convinced decided to enroll and go ahead with the process.
    Here after, I met my case manager, who collected and told me about all the necessary documents required for the process
    Who had timely mailed all the important mails and to do actions for the process.

    I am very grateful that I chose Circum.

  15. Hello All,

    I would like to Thank you for all your support during the PR process. Even though there were complications in my application, and adding my newborn kids to the application, you along with your team handled it with ease and supported me through the process.

    My feeling was that the team is very experienced, informative, honest and supportive during the whole process.

  16. We have no hesitation in recommending Circum Navigation Resource Management Pvt. Ltd. to anyone considering Immigration to Australia or Canada & wish them continued success in future endeavours.

  17. Hi,,
    Thank you for all the support and guidance you have provided through out this immigration journey.

    Special thanks to for all your prompt email responses and quick resolution of queries over the phone.

    Today we received the grant email (Australian PR) from Australian Immigration department. We are very excited and over the moon and would like to thank Circum and team for turning our dream into reality.

  18. Hi all Circum Team,
    Please accept my warmest gratitude for your untiring efforts in enabling me to obtain Canadian visa and thus shedding light on my future goals and aspirations.
    I have been highly impressed with the way everything was handled pertaining to my Canada PR case. I must say Circum is very professional and i was kept informed about my case as well as expedited the complicated paperwork in a very timely manner.
    I would be happy to refer Circum Navigation Resource Management Pvt. Ltd. for immigration consultancy to my friends and relatives.

  19. I would like to thank specifically to My Case Manager for his excellent support from the beginning till the end. It’s really great to work with such a knowledgeable individual as this process requires highly skilled and educated consultants. Right from the beginning – from the collection of the company individual Work Experience Certificates, till the complete submission of the documents to the Australian Immigration Authorities, I got constant support and necessary information from him. I never felt alone in the process and was always very well informed and got clear explanations with regards to the actions required on my part. I am very much thankful to Circum Navigation Resource Management Pvt. Ltd. for the exceptional support provided on his part.
    Thanks to all of you once again for all the magnificent help. I wish all the best to Circum and the entire Team for turning this application successfully and bringing smiles and happiness to me and my family..

  20. I would like to thank you, for all the help. My experience with Circum Navigation was good and I din’t have to worry much about the process as it was taken care by circum. The staff are polite and friendly.
    The responses were prompt and guidance was clear.

  21. Many thanks for the wonderful news. I initiated the PR process with your help and support. And finally after a long time, I finally got the Australian PR.
    There are lot of people to whom I would like to big thanks and to all of them who had handled my case documents. I would like to thank you all for your tireless effort and help to turn this around successfully.

  22. I got consulted with 2 person at Circum Navigation resource management. and I am really glad that they took my case. They are honest, hardworking and very thorough. Investigation for my case very detailed and rapid. Both of them are the asset for Circum Navigation Resource Management Pvt. Ltd. and due to their hardwork my visa got approved. Thanks a lot, I reallly appreciate your guidance.

  23. I would like to thank you, for all the help. My experience with Circum Navigation was good and I din’t have to worry much about the process as it was taken care by circum. The staff are polite and friendly.
    The responses were prompt and guidance was clear.

  24. my number any bodt want to join 9880354431,be ware of cheating and fake i am from bangalore . i felt delhi is capital city of india and good people but it is fake

  25. they are fraud and staff is the big fraud fraud cheat fraud , i am filling a case againist
    divya dhawal,prathush,shwetha mathur,mamtha, ragini.

  26. Circum looted me as well
    Exactly same way circum has cheated me too. They make the same story for every client, after taking money the company representative disappears, then they keep you waiting for ever and eventually we get nothing in return from them except fake commitments,ill behaviors. After taking our money they deny us as their clients and instead claims that we are their competitors posting here to spoil their images. You can see so many people have been cheated this way by these people if you google it.
    We should all report to delhi police against these people.

    Sovan Mukherjee

  27. Totally fraud company circum navigation
    Dear frnds my name is Parmjeet Singh .I m from Shimla Himachal Pradesh. circum navigation looted me as well
    Exactly same way circum navigation has cheated me too. They make the same story for every client, after taking money the company representative disappears, then they keep you waiting for ever and eventually we get nothing in return from them except fake commitments,ill behaviors. After taking our money they deny us as their clients and instead claims that we are their competitors posting here to spoil their images. You can see so many people have been cheated this way by these people if you google it.
    We should all report to delhi police against these people.I want to need some help guys.I want yours contact no and name for proof .daily many more people cheated by there company .
    Thnxz and regards
    Parmjeet singh

  28. Sudhanshu Pandey

    f**k off..dont be foolish in sabke chhakkar me.aise fraud/fakeke karan yuva aur raah se bhatak rahe hai.khud par vishwaas rakho and in sab faltu chakkar me na aao dudes

  29. This is regarding a complaint that I would like to lodge against circum navigation based in Delhi who call themselves as genuine organization, and does fraud to its customers. I shall give you brief details about the case, requesting you to action accordingly.
    There are 3 people involved in this case
    1. Mr Rajeev Tripathi (Director)
    2. Ms Pooja Saluja (Director)
    3. Ms Saru Gautam- Documentations

    – Date 20th Aug 2015 we initiated the process of their services of getting job in Australia and payment was done in few days in Aug of total amount of Rs. 26, 199/-to circum navigation (proof available in the attached document).
    – Few documents from us was collected from the consultancy and no further action was taken by the team.
    – As the process was getting delayed, changed the applicant name from Hemalatha to Sachin, after rigorous follow ups regarding any update we did not receive a single call or email from the team.
    – Realizing on the poor service we requested for a refund in Nov 2015 of the amount as no services were provided.
    – Still poor service continued and no mails or calls were responded, they were only testing our patience.
    – Date 20th Jan 2016 they sent us a quotation saying Rs 15, 471/- will be refunded and rest of the amount is deducted as consultation.
    – We confirmed that this is not fair and they again confirmed back telling they will revise the refund amount and revert to us.
    – Date Feb 2016 No emails or calls were exchanged, when asked for an update, they reverted back with the same amount.
    – Now, it was the time for we being customer to lose our patience, so when we raised our voice saying whatever they told was lies they are now rejecting our request of refund and not ready to replay the amount.
    Below are the procedure they were supposed to follow as per the clauses of their agreement and not even a single item was actioned.
    Please note the procedure for finding a suitable job for you:
    1. Resume designing
    2. Cover note preparation
    3. Finding out suitable profiles for you and sending for selection from your end.
    4. Sending your resume to employer and doing primary assistance with employer.
    5. Arranging job interviews – Total 15 – 25
    6. Selection process.
    7. Providing job appointment letter.
    100% Money back guarantee will be there in case of failure in services.Total time duration will be: Within 180 days.

    I shall be able to produce supporting document for all the calls and emails for all the points mentioned above. This company is performing fraudulent activities, request your assistance on the same as quickly as possible.

  30. Hello Everyone

    The mail which I received from Circum Navigation.


    Mr. Aditya Maheshwari

    Greetings from Circum Navigation.

    Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is VIKASH and I am the Client Relationship Manager here at Circum Navigation

    We have received your query regarding immigration and settle overseas. Circum Navigation is assisting people in fulfilling their dreams of going and settling abroad with all the genuine efforts. Today, Hundreds of individuals and families are happily settled in varied countries like Australia, Canada, Denmark, Singapore, New Zealand, Hong Kong & UAE.
    Circum Navigation offers overseas careers settlement services, and our well-qualified and experienced Immigration consultants will guide you on process of visa application for Permanent Visa or Citizenship. Definitely to know more about opportunities available abroad one needs the help of career assistance program.


    cid:[email protected]:[email protected]:[email protected]



    ü Profile:- Sr. Manager(Marketing)

    ü Categories & locations: CANADA(FSWP) & AUSTRALIA(SI VISA)

    ü Tenure period:- Open Visa (5 years)

    ü Pay Scale (As per the industry availability): – Min INR 2.50lacs-INR 3.85lacs/month with other Benefits

    ü Duties & responsibility will be exactly similar to the current profile

    Needs assessment and return to work action plans
    Employment assessment will always brings out your best and get the best alternative available in the market.

    Career Decision Making
    This can help you identify a career path that best matches your skills, and is in high demand.

    Targeted Segment
    Targeted segment is designed for opportunities seekers such as youth, newcomers, older workers, single parents and persons with disabilities.


    Our Immigration experts assess your profile for immigration to countries like Canada, Australia, and Hong Kong. This service assures that your professional and educational qualifications are properly assessed, evaluated and classified in reference to the requirement of these countries.

    For this client mandatory assessment we’ll require few documents from your side. List of the documents are given below. The report will come out in 2-3 working days. There is a fee of 3500/- INR(Including 14.5 % Service Taxes & Swatch Bharat Cess) for the technical evaluation process. If the report is positive, then Circum Navigation will take your process further. If not, then the amount is refundable without service tax (As it goes directly to the government of India).

    Documents Required for Technical Evaluation:

    ® Updated CV (Kindly mention you’re Address & Pin Code Properly)

    ® Duly Filled Technical Evaluation Form

    ® Highest Qualification Certificates scanned copy

    ® Passport front and last page scanned copy

    ® INR.3500/- (Screenshot of your payment or a deposit slip)


    ® Once your Technical Evaluation report comes positive than we will schedule your profile discussion round.

    ® After that if you get positive confirmation for the same than you have to proceed for sign up.


    ® Sign up process is a legal documentation phase in which you have to make payment of INR 80,000 + 14.5% Service Tax. we will sign a service legal agreement on valid stamp papers(Approved by government authority of India).

    ® If you are going with spouse than you have to make payment of INR 69,999 + Service Tax along with the sign up of candidate.

    ® The total paid sum includes your documentation fees, consultancy fees, processing fee, legal department/assistance fees, visa filing fees, etc.

    ® In any case there will a problem in the process from our side, refund policy will be served as per the company’s policy.

    ® If you’re interested to migrate do send me the requirements as soon as possible. Here I would like to clarify that Circum Navigation prepares a legal agreement for the processing before we start up your Documentation & Visa Filling (Signup) process. We do not charge for Job Assistance Service, Job Assistance Service is free & an optional service provided by Circum Navigation. We only charge for visa documentation & consultancy services that we provide for different countries.

    I hope the detail given above has helped you in Understanding the Company & our Services.

    For any further queries you can feel free to reach out to me on the given number below.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Vikash Mandal

    Client Relationship Manager

    Phone No : (+91)7042197752

    Email : [email protected]

    This reply I furnished to them

    Hi Mr Vikash

    Thank you for providing me conducive information

    Since I desire to get employment in UAE, gulf and middle east countries, I clearly understand from your mail that I need not pay Rs 3500 + service tax for Technical evaluation process(applicable for Canada, Australia and Hongkong). That’s really good on your part to help people unconditionally and non commercially particularly in this era when there are many fraud companies are looting away the money of honest hard working ch……… people who get attracted by camouflaged offers which are highly tempting. I really thank god that in such a scenario of open global loot (the loot transcending the boundaries of nations), an honest company like your’s is existing, surviving, sustaining and growing without charging a single penny.

    I don’t need any visa from you as I will get it directly from Embassy/Consulate (Of course you will provide me some little guidance without any charges, if at all necessary). So as per your mail only I need not pay Rs 80000 /- (otherwise also as per your mail only this 80000 INR is applicable for Canada, Australia and Hongkong wherein I really don’t want the employment).

    As per your aforesaid mail I understand Job Assistance is free from your side. Kindly provide me this free service which will enable you to add some noble humanitarian work in your credit of life’s balance sheet.

    On your positive reply to my above mail I will send you my updated CV, scanned copy of passport and also my highest qualification certificate.

    Best Regards



  31. Circum navigation is a fraud company ,, they are all cheaters. They charge the huge amount on the basis of a fake interview followed by mail which is originated from India, but they call that it has came from UK.

    But they are underestimating the power of god, the power of curse of the parents of the honest people from which they have taken the money cunningly.

    Definitely they will be punished by the god on time.

    If you wanna to get the issue resolved then what you can do you all can directly contact Mr. Rajeev Tripathi-9560761267.

    1. Pl suggest me about the said company I don’t want to loose my money.
      I have completed the technical round and interview now they are asking me to pay 92000.
      Please help me know they are real or scam.

  32. Today me also get a call.
    But any way I know that they focus more on the service charges. Not about my profile, Exp, skills, knowledge etc.
    So it’s clear.

  33. Reviewerr21555585

    They Recently Opened New Company to fool Clients by name of Countrywide Visas
    or Countrywide Immigration Pvt Ltd.

    Rajiv Tripathi used some friends to register New Company so That his previous work can be hidden from World

  34. I don’t think Circum Navigation is fake because this company properly complete my visa process. There nothing to cheat they give me proper time then i successfully get my visa.

    Thank you Circum Navigation for help me for my visa 🙂

    1. Dear ,
      Circum navigation is fraud . That’s my experience last 1yrs I wait my work permit till today I got 1answer Ur profile is in process & Ur profile of is old . I have all mail, telephonic conversation If u need I provide u

      I paid 72153/- for my work permit I lost my all amount without get job

      Contact no.9907941002

  35. Hello Sir/Madam,
    I am Rahul Mishra; I am victim of the Circum Navigation fraud. I have been contacted by Rakesh, and he told me that i will get the Job assistance + PR for Canada , they took 2 K for preliminary eligibility check for profile in which they said the I have scored 74 without even ielts score. In the beginning if you are not satisfied with our services you money is fully refundable except taxes. I asked them in case, if i did not passed the IELTS they said “its employer specific and they can write to embassy in that IELTS not required” and they sent me an email confirming the same. After that for the sake of Documentation they have asked me to pay 89k, I paid later when the I got the list of document they said you need to score 7 band score in each module in ielts. When I asked them to refund my hard-earned money they said that its zero (0) refundable as per the company policy as you are withdrawing your case. Also, they suggested me that I can apply for Hong-Kong for that I have to pay 30 k extra which I never communicated ever. In the beginning, you can change the country without extra cost, but my bad I didn’t took that on email. Now Udita from documentation department is asking to show that email. I am feeling like literate fool who is brainwashed and lured from lucrative offer. I have the entire invoice and bank statement in case someone wants to look. Now I am planning to file a FIR against them. In,case if someone wants to join me or who is also Victim of Fraud Company. Please contact me
    [email protected]

    1. After contacting several l times, This is complete email chain list:

      I need my refund back as promised. I no longer want your services.

      Rahul Mishra

      From: Rahul Mishra A
      Sent: Monday, October 19, 2015 9:15 PM
      To: ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]
      Cc: [email protected]; ‘[email protected]
      Subject: RE: Need Refund

      What is happening , I need refund still no response. I am in contact with number of person who are being cheated. Don’t force me to take legal action.

      I never expected such a pissed off service from any private company. I have called number of time but no response.

      From: Rahul Mishra A
      Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2015 8:43 PM
      To: ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]
      Cc: [email protected]; ‘[email protected]
      Subject: Need Refund

      Hello All,

      Name : Rahul Mishra
      Paid Amount : 90 K + 6 K for technical evolution

      I am writing this email with the concern that I need refund.

      Let me start with the very beginning, I received an email from circumnavigation and call (rakesh). In the very beginning rakesh told quiet fascinating facts about the company circumnavigation and their engagement. He asked me that he will provide me full assistance for Employment and PR. In the beginning itself he I made it very clear that I will not appear for any IELTS exam and he assured me that he had sent an email to my employer and they have taken permission from embassy (which itself a biggest lie ) that I do not need to give the IELTS exam, based on that I have asked him to me an email. After multiple request he sent me an email mentioning that I do not need give IELTS exams for PR. After that I paid the amount. I the beginning I have confirmed with Rakesh multiple time that please provide me with Document check list so that I can cross check if I could provide with the documents or not (which is my right). But, Instead of providing check list he said that this is not the company policy until you pay that account we cannot provide you with the check list ( This is biggest fraud). Even after I got multiple emails and calls for the amount only.

      Note : When I visited the office (Megdhoot tower, Nehru place office). I met with Rajiv Tripathi and he also, assured me that everything is refundable no need worry, just sign the document we will assure you will get the your money in case you are not happy with our services. Relying on his words I signed the document without reading it. He just put in envelop and asked me don’t need to read, just sign everything is same which we have just informed you. That was my mistake. Rajiv was portrait himself as MD of company, trusting his words I signed the documents and left the office with my wife.

      After I paid the amount, I received one email from udita containing the list of documents. I was shocked, this email has IELTS as mandatory requirement with 7 score in each module. I called udita and she said that the mandatory requirement and nothing can be done. I tried to call multiple times (Rakesh and Rajiv) and no-one had curtesy to pick my call. I was informed that rakesh is on indefinite leave and no one was sure when I will comeback. When I asked for Rajiv ( I was kept on hold for 20-30 minutes every time). This was very frustrating and I am pissed off completely with the services. After That I came to know that rakesh has left the company.

      I want to reiterate that I have been into the mental trauma, I took the loan to provide that much big amount, my hard earned money is of no use for me. whatever commitment that is been made at the time of sale were false, hence I want the full refund of my money at any cost (by hook or crook). Please do not force me to take any legal action and it will painful for you and me.

      Note 2: I have all the documents (back statement/ emails/invoice ) of the payment I made on your back account. I am attaching the emails/invoices (one invoice is missing I will send later) of rakesh which states that I don’t need to give any IELTS exam.

      Keep my personal email ID ([email protected]) for contacting back.

      Rahul Mishra

  36. I am confussed, this circum navigation people called me and said that my profile from is shortlisted at some foreign country. And they insisted me to pay a refundable 3000 INR as the initial payment… I am yet to make a decision on this.can someone help….??

  37. shashank jain

    they justcalled em today and dropped the email.. above posts certainly helped me in chosing to stay away from this team.. thanks to everyone.

  38. management @CircumNavigation

    @ Mr Tayal: Let me answer to your query again on this forum, as i have already answered you on different online forums, first of all i would like to clear here that MR TAYAL is not our client, nor have paid us anything, he is not linked with us in any way. So this comment is fake and is unclaimed.

    Thank you!

    1. shashank jain

      quite a rude and unsatisfactory reply by the company here.. unhappy with the reply.. im just getting cautioned by above posts.. thanks for this rude reply. I will stay away from your services.

  39. Circum navigation cheats thier clients…. They dont have any job ofer…. however they give false
    assurance ….. they do the agreement which is itself a scam.. thier agreement dont have thier own scope in that and in each case you will have to loose your money.

    They also say that they have UK office which is false…. they use the mail [email protected] from delhi and tell the client that this mail has come from UK . but the IP adress shows that the mail addredd is used from old delhi address….

    Dont fall in thier trap………

  40. I have gone through the services from circum navigation. my experience is been good with them may be few of them are facing problems as this is a service industry. i would definitely recommend circum navi to people i know and need help with immigration services.

  41. Circum navigation an fraud company which deceives candidates. And the above angie reply is from Circum people itself. they fake with an ID and again deceives people.

    1. also looking for the genuinity of circum navigation..if they are fake how did they manage to get the approval of ministry of corporate affairs?

    2. management @CircumNavigation

      Dear Karthick,

      Are you a client of ours, having a process going on with us?? Let us know whats the problem?

  42. I am one of the client of Circum Navigation!
    They are awesome with their services. I do not know about these posts which have been made in competition or in revenge but my personal experience is way different and i am really satisfied with the services. Their team is transparent.
    They are registered with numerous bodies of government.
    1 Ministry Of Corporate Affairs Registration
    Company Name: Circum Navigation Resource Management Private Limited Number: 265206

    2 ISO Certification: Certificate No.- 141029019102

    3 Accreditation With International Bodies:

    I have applied for Hong Kong visa with 100% job assistance. People may get them wrong with Job security as they dont even cross a first round of interview. I have got my file number and hopefully will be in hong kong soon. Posting on forums doesnt require any verifications but getting certifications does!
    Rating on my personal experience : 10/10 !
    They are a team of professionals.

    1. the Above reply from ANGIE is very suspecious.
      i see same reply on many complain forum website with different Name

      But the reply date everywhere is 13th March 2015…??
      strange coincident

      1. You are completely correct Francis…They are completely fraud and all these positive lines have been written by the directors of the company. They have nothing do to except submitting positive reviews. They are jerks who are sitting in to business of fraud. One day God will definitely punish them. I bet, if you ask any of the staff, even to the experienced one about the process, they won’t be able to answer. They will simply explain you the outer part of the process and will justify that they can’t disclose the process until and unless u do not sign the agreement. Once you sign the agreement, you will be bound by the legal paper but that Agreement is even fake which is made of Rs. 30 only.
        I will come back soon with more and accurate proofs which will proof that they are completely fraud.

    2. This comment itself make it clear tht its a paid comment of fraud organisaion circum navigation. They are pure money cheaters, No doubt.

    3. WHO Paid you to write positive feedback, If I am satisfied with anyone’s service, even than i don’t heve enough time to write such lengthy post..

      How much they paid you>