Cits Outsourcing Company – cheating

Reported By: Shaleela

Contact information:
Cits Outsourcing Company

Even I got cheated by Vaigha who told me that she was from the call center of CITS Bellatrix Outsourcing Company. She compelled me to pay 8530 rupees and when I argued, she said me to use an option called Wavier Option and pay 4530 rupees. So I paid this amount and the next day only, I found out that they were fraud from this site. She said that I would receive the payment on 4th April by 5 pm. Even today, she told me that I must pay 2500 rupess inorder to unhold the payment. But I argued with her and finally she said that I will surely recieve the payment by 5 pm today. Some time back, when I called her, the number was switched off. I also contacted Jeevan and Aarpit who were also recruiters. But all their phones were switched off. Now I have also lost 4530 rupees. Can we complain all together against them and punish them so that no one else would get cheated by these frauds? I am from Kollam, Kerala.

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