clickmychoice ebazaar pvt. ltd


Worst Company I have ever seen or heard about.
Click My Choice is a place where 2 people are the owners and they themselves work in another MNC. And according the Companies Act, a person cannot work in 2 different companies at the same time.
The strategy they play is that the owner takes interview on telephone and on personal basis and are even ready to give very high package >20000 per month, and also offer letter with salary annexure. At the time of interview the profile offered is something different that can be termed as the “Dream Profile”, no target related terms are used by them and the total salary is kept as fixed, nothing is variable. Like if the salary offered is 2.5 lacs then 2.5 lacs is fixed and nothing will be deducted as said by them. They even say to offer high positions like senior manager, team lead, etc. But after 1 month or even less than that, you will face the reality, the bitter truth. Ultimately, your position will be changed in the due course, without you knowing about that and the best part is that if you ask for salary, they will say that, this month they don’t have money, and if you force them to give salary then they will say to take Rs. 200 or 300 for food and wait for 15 to 25 days. They have all developers having less than 6 months experience and company don’t have capability to complete even the small tasks. They even provide fake exp certificates/letters to developers.

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