Cliktodeal – E-commerce Scam (refund)

Reported By: Arockia Fenil

Contact information:
Cliktodeal Tirunelveli

I ordered a particular mobile phone from their website with online payment but decided to cancel the order almost immediately because of the reviews I found. I sent a mail to the customer support within half hour requesting cancellation, sent a message to the whatsapp number provided on the website, tried calling through mobile number but was unresponsive (reason provided in their website: Office is located in COVID 19 containment zone, I didn’t know COVID containment rules prohibited speaking in mobile phones). Two days later I get a mail saying that my product is dispatched for delivery when confronted about my prior cancellation I was told since the product was dispatched I had to pay nearly 15% of the product value as cancellation charges. When asked where was this mentioned in their website there was silence for a day. Then i get a mail with a link referring to their website and this time new COVID 19 cancellation rules had appeared suddenly. Now the cancellation charge was not 15% but Rs 200 + 5%. I confronted them about the addition of this rules after my order (I was ready to provide proof with a cached copy of earlier website) but was told “the website is managed by different person so can’t help”. My further mails did not get any response. I was reluctant to send back the delivery because I was afraid of the ordeal I had to go through to get them to transfer the money back. So now I have bought myself a mobile which I didn’t want. Overall it felt like a scam from the beginning. Please be aware before purchasing from this website. Even if you decide to buy do it with cash on delivery


How to file a complaint against Cliktodeal?

* Go to page
* Write Cliktodeal in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Cliktodeal.

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