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I purchase 4 items in Club Factory but due to wrong address i want to cancelled my order No. FO1763941

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  1. i want to change my shipping details , but i’m just not able to cancel
    then i decided to cancel my order that too just not possible .
    suggest something

  2. Jhilam Chakraborty

    Hello I’m Jhilam Chakraborty. My COD order number is SO16721987. I want to cancel my order.

  3. I want to cancel my cod order….
    When I ordered they did not show charge for cod…
    Cancel my order
    Cod Order no is S018364801

  4. Hey i want to cancel my order coz when i ordered it doesn’t seems cod charges so pls cancel my order my order no is so23109586

  5. Nancy Sondhiya

    Plz cancel my order as address is wrong so I want to cancel my order nd reorder it after you cancel it….
    Order No is SO28627514 please cancel it as soon as possible….

  6. Hello, please cancel my order SO31139482 as the COD charges weren’t mentioned at the time of ordering. Thank you.

  7. Hey I’m sorry to bother you but please cancel my order as I’m gonna be out of station on delivery days. Thank you. My order no is SO41561221

  8. My order no. Is SO41510272…I want to cancel my order.. Because it’s taking too long tym to be shipped. And I have to go out of jammu for an emergency… I have liked ur product.. But I will buy it for d nxt tym

  9. hello!
    please cancel my orders with COD number SO46208146. I will not be available at time time of delivery for i am going for a vacation today.

  10. Shivani Champanerkar

    I have ordered 1 Item on date 15-12-2018 from club factory, due to wrong address i want to cancel my order and refund my paid amount of 202.25 , my order no :- SO76176048

  11. hi dear i ordered some items from CF but due to money problem i could not accept my items no:so85802386 am so sorry to say mainly CF deliver very late thats the main issue

  12. Renefe Macabinguil

    Please cancel my order SO115428344. I was able to cancel 1 item in my order while a woman called to confirm my order . But she said better to cancel everything because they can not open the box and she said she will cancel it for me. And 5 person called that they will deliver my order I told them to cancel . So please cancel it. It’s annoying the fetcher or delivery man always called .

    Thank you!

  13. Hi I want to cancel my order of wedding gown SO167459354 and SO169864679 the reason why I have ordered two is first one I did not get any updates so I did not know the delivery details I thought it dint got placed so I tried again now I got the dispatch details of that 1 is for October 29 and another one is on 1November unfortunately my marriage is on 22th of October so please cancel the order

  14. Hi I want to cancel my order S0170880714 as I ordered it by mistake I got confused between two products but when got it’s update at that time checked it and can’t cancel it now. Please cancel it.

  15. Parameshwar hegde

    Please cancel my cod order S0227221297.i wont be available to recieve the order so cancel my order .i tried to cancel the order but i couldn’ cancel my order

    1. Parameshwar hegde

      Club factory please cancel my order as it is important to inform you that i wouldn’t be available to recieve my order so please cancel my cod order S0227221297.


    please cancel my orders placed with Club Factory vide order Nos SO228348762 and SO228358413 , as I I along with my family members will be out of Station. Afer reaching home I shall place again the said orders.

    Kindly bear with me and take needful action regarding stop delivery of the aforesaid orders.

    With regards,

    S Sengupta

  17. Club factory please cancel my Order as it is imporant ot inform you that i wouldn’t be
    available to receive my order So please cancel My Cod Order : SO239512377

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