cmc vellore – Rude and misbehaved doctors

I was a patient at your hospital a week back. And dr. Ramya.I was my doctor. Being a doctor and being so educated how can she talk to the patient in a an unacceptable manner. She told me that she and everyone in the hospital gets depressed seeing my face. Being such an esteemed hospital and medical center how can u have doctors who depress the patients. The second day after telling me all these things she suddenly assigned a new doctor Dr. Nisha, the moment she saw me she said that I need to put pace maker immediately where as the doctors before her who saw me said that I need to take medicines for 3 months and then the pace maker will be placed. Firstly how can she change the doctor without prior information and secondly how can she scare the patients. What kind of medical center are you guys operating . I had heard a lot about your center and hence I came. But after this experience I doubt I would wanna come back and I won’t even let anyone else go. I had the worst experience !

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  1. One of the doctor, who dindt respond and didnt listen what my mom told her about my brother, i just wabt to register complaint ….

  2. All starting from guards to clearks nurses.. Almost all r having rough nature towards patients may b treatment is gud but managemnt is worst I cn say undoubtedly …..doctors r soft in nature but not kind enough towards patient as much they should…..some may b exceptions I cnt say about that……Evrybdy here thinks like patients r beggar they dont hv self respect ….ya wrk pressure is high here for stafff but still I hv seen they wrk in a much slow manner except blood testing deprt. or may b some other also….language partiality is shown by lower grade staff…..display of token number is faulty as well …..n at present I m at CMC Vellore…..I don wnt to come again even at the cost of best treatment

  3. Clearly you have never been to a government hospital. This hospital may not talk to to you nice but they won’t unnecessarily operate in you for money. . Unnecessarily do an investigation on you for money. . Tell you come outside to my private practice. . Get a cut from medical companies at your expense to go to to zurich at your expense. .. here things may happen slowly… bacteria takes time to multiply and grow in culture. .. pathology specimens take time to be stained with a variety of agents. .. Some blood tests take minutes and some others take days. .. sickness doesn’t happen in a day.. It doesn’t get better in a day! ! This is a tertiary care center.. Not a secondary or primary care Centre. . You come here not for the best of care. .. You come here for the best care in difficult to treat and diagnose situations. . You cine to the emergency department for a viral fever and expect to be seen before trauma, bleeds seizures respiratory distress and myocardial infarction, you are in for a tough time. . Use your head.. Most patients don’t come from nearby so plan on advance. . There is a waiting list. . Being a health care facility not behind money, patient sickness is given priority. . That means tokens might go off schedule. .no doctor on cmc leaves his opd without seeing his allotted patients, be it 2 O clock in the night. .. its a struggle for everyone. . Patients doctors nurses attenders. .. health care in India is never easy. . Especially when you try not to close your doors economically disadvantaged patients

  4. prakash kumar singh

    Dear sir,
    No one is misbevaing with me but I want to lodge complaint regarding admission
    My mother ( Sabitri devi Singh) who is suffring from brain tuomer and Dr. V rajsekhar has prescribed for operation as in 20.10.2015 but still did not get admission of my mother . now she is in serious condition vomiting and feedings are always
    . I went daily room no 122 of opd buolding 1st floor . Dr told me come next day. Come next ……today (06.11.15) one Dr told me that if I have any emergency then went to another hospital we don’t have bed.
    I want to ask one question. That I am going to hospital last 16 days regularly after finishing 16 days how could they can say that go to another bed. My mother is in serious condition if something is went to wrong with my mother who will take the responsbility .
    You are requested to pls see the matter we are coming for tretmemt not any picnics purpose or enjoying purpose . my mother hopital id no. Is 313322g

  5. This hospital very bed coz no one response properly some buddy talking and velgur at the time . I was only 1 thing please response properly.and lastly 1 thing”” name bade air darsan chote””