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COIN DCX Jharsuguda

I have lost Rs. 844000.00 to COIN DCX Website ID: I have received a message in Whatsapp from +918815686876 that if I want to do work from home and get paid from Google reviewing. In between the tasks they ask me if I want to increase my salary by completing a prepaid task. New comers can start with Rs. 1000.00 and get Rs. 1300.00. Firstly I invested Rs.1000.00 to a UPI Address: sorrybabuhari@icici and they then said let them check if any further task they have for not. Then they gave more Google reviewing task and after few tasks they ask me to pay more Rs. 3000.00 as prepaid task which as per cannot prefer Rs. 1000.00 task. So I paid and completed and was ready to get 3900.00 but they said I have to complete more two task if available for which they asked me to add more Rs. 600.00 to add put the amount Rs. 4500.00 so I did and received Rs. 5850.00
The next day the Task as usual started but this time neither the Rs. 1000.00 is avail nor Rs.3000.00 so this time it’s a group task which cost was Rs. 5000.00 for which I can get Rs 6500.00 so I paid. This I completed the Task and was waiting for refund but they said I have to add more Rs. 23500.00 as group task has three task to complete. So I did and earned Rs. 39000.00 and then again I was waiting they said they got 3rd task of Rs. 110000.00 for this I have to add more Rs. 71000.00 to get all the money back. For that I added more Rs. 71000.00. Later due to due to change is crypto name. I wrongly placed wrong order and got loss. So I requested them to refund but they said they will only refund if I play for Rs. 320000.00 so I arranged and paid Rs. 210000.00 but the account they gave didn’t accept that they have received the payment for which I filed FIR against that account including a complain in cyber helpline to freeze the account. I was already too late so they paid the amount of Rs. 1200.00 of my Google review earning this gave me trust to arrange more money. Later I arranged more Rs 210000.00 next days tarted playing and got Rs. 448000.00 as I was expecting that I will receive the amount, so I was waiting for refund now. But this I got to see that my account credit score has reduced to 80.00, for withdrawal I need to increase my credit score 90.00, I need to pay Rs. 400000.00 as per point cost Rs 40000.00 and I need to increase 10.00 points more.

I arranged more Rs 400000.00 and was now the credit score is 90.00 and am waiting for refund but this they said for claiming refund you need to pay Cryto tax and GST of 49% amounting to Rs. 415520.00. After this I was in shock and was out of my mind and discussed with my family they asked me file FIR. The total amount of fraud happened to me is of 1058000.00 (Ten Lac Fifty Eight Thousand Rupees)


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