– Commissions refused to be paid out. Unethical behaviour.

Reported By: Chrisna

Contact information: Pretoria

Comeshein.Vip: Refusal to pay out commissions as promised. Claims the company cards are frozen and need R80000 upfront to unfreeze company account. Unethical behaviour.
I followed a link on TikTok for parttime work that advertised steady and good income for only 2 hrs of work per day with payouts every 2nd day. Initially thinking that I was dealing with virtual training for the “job”, I quickly realised the reality when I was told to pay money in from my bank account for an item I couldn’t afford. The items became more and more expensive to the point where my husband jumped in to help me. One can easily argue that, at this point, we could have stopped, but the commissions were high and we both thought this “business opportunity” seemed to be lucrative and viable, with no suspicions whatsoever that this might be a scam. We were both new to the prospect of online trading and relied heavily on the agent we dealt with, who seemed competent and very professional. My ComeShein.Vip withdrawal account eventually reached R205 624.86 and my husband’s reached R147 722.90 on completion of our missions after a harrowing week of trying to come by higher and higher amounts of money for items that we could not afford, of which the shortfall of the value of the item on the screen had to be paid into different private individuals’ bank accounts, after which that money would appear as a “recharge” on the platform. I have screenshots of the payments to these people. They also had to be saved as beneficiaries on our banking app platform. If you did not pay for the said item, we were told, we could not complete our mission and would not be able to withdraw our initial capital and commissions paid on the items we were sent by the platform to buy. The items were apparently generated by the system and once generated, could not be reversed. We just had to make sure that we pay for it as quickly as possible. We were reassured over and over again that our capital is safe on the ComeShein.Vip platform and that we would get every cent back plus the commissions it generated. Our task orders were linked and even though we constantly requested to have them untied, they stayed linked. One of us could therefore not move forward without the other completing his/her task orders. On completion of all of our task orders, and when we could finally withdraw the funds, we were given the option of either paying a 20% security fee each to release the funds or taking the risk of our personal accounts being frozen for which, we were told, they would not take any responsibility. The reasoning behind this was, that neither of us had large amounts of cash left in our accounts which posed a “banking risk” (Really?!). We both opted for the 2nd scenario and said we’ll personally deal with our own banks if necessary and can we please be provided with POP. The reply was that a POP could not be given as funds (commissions) were collected from different merchants. Then we were told our withdrawals were frozen and will not be released unless we pay a R80 000 combined penalty to have the company’s bank cards unfrozen. We said that the company could subtract R40 000 from each of us, but were then threatened that if we do not provide the R80 000 upfront, that the funds will not be paid over to us at all and that we would be permanently banned from the platform. We were then offered the option of having loans sourced on the platform itself by the agent on our behalf to cover the R80 000 and when our funds would be released, we could then reimburse the creditors from the platform from our pay-outs.
Between myself and my husband, we invested in excess of R95 000 of our own money and R32 000 of other people’s money. I have screenshots of every part of every conversation with Agtlxg on WhatsApp and Rosalyn888888 on Telegram who both claimed to be agents working for Shein to promote merchants’ stock to enhance their sales. Said photos are too many to post here, but I will be happy to provide them if and when requested to do so.

Whatsapp Agtlxg
+27 76 153 655
business account

Telegram Rosalyn888888
+888 0714 3695
anonymous number

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